Why Is Resin Bound Surfacing Gaining So Much Popularity?

The upsurge of flooding and the need for prevention is just one of the many reasons for which the resin bound aggregate market is gaining so much popularity these days.

Until now, costs have been a barrier but the market matured enough to have lots of companies with competitive offers. Unlike tarmac, resin bound surfaces will not break in the heat which makes it a much more durable solution.

There are more companies which are getting involved in research and development just to remain updated with the advancements of resin bound surfacing.

Reasons for which resin bound surfaces are becoming popular

The versatility of resin bound aggregates in another reason for which this is one of the most preferred solutions for various projects regardless of the budget and goal.

The applications include a lot of elements such as resin drives, permeable paving, schools, swimming pool areas, resin patios and more.

The eco benefits of the resin bound surfacing are undeniable as well, and the SuDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System) compliant permeable paving construction can reduce flood risk.

Resin bound pacing is also a decorative solution with lots of options for colors and textures that you can choose from.

There can be used various patterns and shapes that can incorporate even logos, slogans, and emblems. This makes resin bound surfaces also perfect to be used in advertising projects as well.

Overall, when the materials are installed correctly the final result can last for about 25 years, and when the right resin is chosen, the color will not fade away in the sun, and the durability will be long-lasting.

Resin bound surfaces are also able to withstand heavy traffic, and after only six hours since the complete installation of the aggregates, it’s safe to walk on the surface without the risk of damaging it.

All these advantages that come with resin bound surfaces made them the ideal choice these days compared to traditional concrete and tarmac.