Why Choose A Resin Patio? Factors That Influence Pricing

2020 is a year of innovation, and while you’re at home these days due to the lockdown, you can start making some plans for later in the summer or fall regarding improving your property.

A lot of people are moving away from traditionally paved patios, and they’re installing resin patios for more reasons. Along with resin driveways, these come with tons of benefits.

Main reasons to install a resin patio

Resin patios can be installed on a concrete or asphalt base, and there are also various color choices to pick from. The UV resistant binder will turn out really useful when you want to make sure that your patio is able to maintain its color throughout its whole lifetime.

Here are the best benefits that you can expect to get from a resin patio:

  • It’s a hardwearing surface: a resin patio is long-lasting, hardwearing, and also low maintenance.
  • You can enjoy easy access: the smooth surface of a resin patio is perfect for ramps that are used for buggies, wheelchairs, or bikes as well.
  • UV stability: there will be no color change from the UV exposure.
  • It’s easy to maintain: the surface is strong enough to withstand pressure washing.
  • Amazing slip resistance: its antislip properties will offer you peace of mind.
  • Resistance to weeds: roots will not be able to grow on the surface.
  • High adaptability: the design work can include various personalized logos and lettering, and these can be easily incorporated into your patio.
  • High permeability: water will be able to flow freely through the surface.

Factors that influence final pricing

Here are the factors that will influence the final price pf your resin patio:

  • The size and color of the material that’s used
  • Use of UV stable or nonstable resin
  • The layout and size of the 9iinstallation area
  • The duration of the installation process

These are just some of the factors that will influence the final price of your resin patio.