What’s The Life Expectancy Of A Resin Driveway?

If you’ve already made up your mind and decided to get a resin driveway, we recommend that you choose a professional installer because this will save you all the hassle, heartache and nightmares that could pop up if you’d do things by yourself.

This being said, you might wonder how you can tell if your brand new driveway stands the test of time.

There are a few issues that have to be taken into consideration regarding the subject.

How long do resin driveways last?

Resin is known to be a resilient material, and that’s why it’s becoming the go-to solution these days. Resin driveways incorporate at least two aggregates that vary in size and will add enhanced strength to your surface.

It’s also worth reminding you that resin is fully SUDs compliant and this means that it enables water to disperse and drain in a natural way without you having to get an additional system for this process.

The permeability of resin driveways makes the surface last longer compared to other non-porous surfaces, and it will definitely make it last for longer.

Water can affect the functionality and durability over time, so this feature is vital for a long lasting surface.

Resin driveways are built to last

You can enjoy a resin driveway for a lot of years (more than 20 years) with the simple condition that you apply the correct aftercare after the professionals do their job.

Resin driveways are built with flexibility in mind and this means that they will resist all types of weather and various temperatures.

Torrential rain, icy conditions, hot summer days – they’ll all be dealt with by a resin driveway.

Other materials such as concrete and tarmac can, unfortunately, crack under pressure and this will turn out a massive problem with costly solutions, unlike resin surfacing.

All you have to do in order to enjoy your resin driveway for at least about 25 years is care for it accordingly and avoid putting massive pressure on the surface for the first few weeks so that the surface can have enough time to settle.