What’s The Best Option: Driveway Resurfacing Vs. Complete Replacement

Your driveway may today be a mess for a lot of reasons such as that you’re dealing with aged asphalt, cracked concrete and more.

Usually, general wear and tear together with the onslaught of elements can eventually lead to cracked surfaces, and this means that it’s time for a new driveway. But the question is: should you resurface or replace?

Here are some pros and cons of both these options, so that you can make up your mind easier.

Resurfacing your driveway

Resurfacing your driveway involves placing another surface over the top in order to enhance how it looks and especially how it functions.

You can obtain a new concrete driveway, asphalt or even resin driveway after resurfacing.

Resurfacing is usually cheaper than replacing your driveway. Another important thing is that resurfacing requires a perfect base.

This means that you can have a resin driveway but only if you’re dealing with a great base.

If the base has cracks, these will expand underneath due to freezing and it’s not good.

You always have to have a good earth base under the sub-base as well. Movement is out of the question.

Resurfacing your current driveway can offer a fast makeover, and it will enhance the looks of your driveway.

Replacing your driveway entirely

If you decide to replace your driveway entirely, you will also be able to improve its looks and establish a new one that can enhance the overall value of your home.

The process involves removing the current driveway and setting a completely new one.

It’s true that a replacement will take longer to be completed and will cost more, but you’ll know that the end product is 100% new and flawless.

Considering that this is a long-term investment, it may be the best choice.

A replacement will also last longer than a resurfaced driveway and you’ll avoid cracks and wear.

Replacements allow you to completely change the way your driveway looks and you can even reposition it to fit better with the surroundings.

You will be able to prevent puddles and slipping with innovative features such as the ones flaunted by the new options on the market. These can be found in resin driveways for instance.

A replacement will always look more professional compared to a resurfaced driveway.

The final verdict is that replacements are better if you are willing to make a long term investment.