What You Need To Know About Resin Driveway Maintenance

Resin driveways are extremely durable if you take proper care of the surface after it’s installed.

The best thing about resin driveways is that they require minimum maintenance and this involves little effort and more time for other activities that you enjoy in your life.

With the minimum care that’s required for such surfaces, you will still be able to enjoy your resin driveway for decades.

Installing a resin driveway will also help in eradicating weed growth, but this does not mean that you don’t have to care for the surface anyway.

Proper maintenance will not only guarantee a long lasting result but also a good looking surface that will catch the eye of everyone who sees it.

Here are the few things that you can to know in order to be able to take proper care of your driveway.

Chemical use

You will have to avoid using chemical cleaners for your brand new resin driveway because these solutions can be harmful in this case, so it’s best to prevent than to treat/repair any harm.

Easy cleaning process

To clean your driveway, all you have to do is use a jet wash on a gentle setting with a wide-angle setting.

The water is supposed to be soapy, just like you will see in your instructions that you’ll receive.

Gentle washes are usually enough because resin driveways have the benefit of being stain resistant. This feature will definitely ease your work.

Oil spills

Another thing that you should be avoiding is spilling oils. Even if we just said that resin is resistant to the majority of stains, substances with other components such as oil can cause issues if they’re left on the surface.

Dealing with ice and snow

You can use salt and grit on the resin surface as well, but it’s recommended that you wash these off as soon as the snow and ice melt.

Usage recommendations

Resin driveways can become best buddies with your vehicles, but it’s important that right after the resin driveway is installed, you avoid putting any heavy objects on it.

Don’t worry because this is only for the first few weeks after the installation, just until the surface settles.

These are the main pieces of advice that we have to offer in order to keep your resin driveway looking great and lasting as long as possible.