What Is The The Most Environmentally-Friendly Solution For Your Driveway?

We know exactly what you’re looking for in a new driveway: you want it to be aesthetically pleasing, resistant and not too costly, right?

But, it’s also important that it’s eco-friendly as well because we should support the environment these days as much as we can.

Especially in rainy climates, dispersing the water can become a really tough challenge mainly if you have a driveway with inadequate drainage.

The result can be horrible and trigger localized flooding which leads to toxic pollutants that infiltrate in rivers and can cause massive damage to the environment.

It’s important to find the best solution for your driveway, one that also takes care of the environment but your bank account as well.

What you have to know before deciding the best solution for your driveway

The new driveway journey should begin with you finding out the current drainage capacity of your driveway.

Most existing materials that you can currently find on the market are unfortunately non-permeable, and this means that you will have to take more measures to make sure that you’ll enjoy effective drainage.

These additional measures include swales and drains among others.

Driveway swales

These are designed to enable collection of stormwater and re-enter the ground instead of building on the surface.

These are beneficial in cases in which driveways are inclined because they will prevent water from running down slopes and flooding the basement/garage and so on.


These also represent a good solution especially for locations with limited space or properties below the street level.

The drains are usually installed at the meeting point of the driveway and the garage.

A resin driveway as the universal solution

A resin driveway will be ideal for any location, and the most important thing is that it boasts the most eco-friendly features.

It’s SUDs compliant, and it has the perfect permeable surface which makes it the most effective option compared to the ones we already mentioned.

The process is straightforward because the water soaks through the surface layers and drains away naturally into the ground. That’s all.

Another main benefit is that you have a vast palette of options to choose from for the ideal look of your resin driveway – the result is both effective and good looking. And with the proper aftercare, it will also last even longer than 20-15 years.