What Are The Best Bases To Lay Your Resin Driveway On?

We’ve already addressed the various reasons for which resin might be the best solution for your driveways, playgrounds, patios and more.

A solid base is the key 

It’s important to understand that you cannot lay resin straight on other surfaces for various reasons. These surfaces include the following, according to resin experts: flags, MOT type 1, block paving and brick paving as well.

The main reason is the fact that these don’t provide a solid base. In other words, if there’s any movement in the base, the resin system will not last, and it will crack.

So, we’re presenting the most appropriate surfaces that resin can be laid on for your driveway or any other element that you’re considering.


Tarmac is probably the best suitable base to lay a resin surface on, just like concrete. Resin can be laid directly onto an existing tarmac surface but only if this is in a suitable condition.

Also, it’s important to know that resin can only be laid after a sufficient time since a newly installed tarmac surface.


Concrete is also a great choice to lay your resin surface on, but it has to be extremely well cleaned and also primed with a polymer before the permeable paving is installed.

The thing is that if a primer is not laid, the two surfaces will not adhere and the resin materials will be wasted.

The primer creates a barrier between the two surfaces and this will prevent concrete from absorbing the resin.

Eco grid systems

These can also be used in order to support resin bound surfaces.

On the other hand, it’s essential to learn that there will be needed a double quantity of resin bound supplies and this can turn out to be a bit costly for some customers.

As a conclusion, make sure to discuss with experts the subject regarding the surface that you want to set a resin driveway on.