Tips And Suggestions On Looking After Your Resin Driveway All Year Long: Cleaning Moss, Chewing Gum, Tire Marks, And More

We already offered our readers some advice on how to care for the resin driveway during the winter time, but fortunately, winter won’t be lasting much more.

It’s also important to know some more tips and trick on how to best care for your resin driveway all year long.

Besides the essential things you need to know about resin driveway maintenance, here are more suggestions on what you can do in order to provide your driveway with a more extended period of life at the best quality.

Preventing tire marks

In order to prevent tire marks, it’s recommended not to turn your steering wheel while your vehicle is stationary.

But, if you do get tire marks on your resin driveway, here’s a to remove them: wipe the surface with a white cloth soaked in spirit and then powerwash the surface with household detergent.


Regarding weeds, it’s essential to have them all removed before you have the professionals come and install your resin driveway. Once they’re removed, there are almost zero chances that new ones grow back.

Chewing gum

If you happen to find chewing gum on your resin driveway left there by not so polite visitors, this can be cleaned as well.

All you have to do is treat it with a freezing spray and then carefully remove it with a wall or paint scraper after the chewing gum is hard.


Just in case you see moss forming on top of the resin surface, don’t panic because there’s also a solution to get rid of it as well.

It can be easily eliminated with the help of a stiff broom or even a pressure washer.

You can find other relevant info on our blog on how to care for your resin driveway in order to be able to enjoy it for as long as possible.