The Most Popular Options For Replacement Driveways

If you have to get a new driveway, especially if your old one is more than 20-30 years old, your best bet is going with a complete replacement.

Also, for driveways with poor foundations, the replacement is also the best idea.

It’s true that patches can be fixed, but the result will never compare to a completely replaced brand new driveway.

Here are the most popular options that you have available these days for your driveway.

Gravel driveway

This type of surface is probably the easiest one to achieve and also the less costly.

Gravel usually provides an instant makeover, and that’s why is such a popular option these days.

The not so great thing about it is that gravel needs to be topped up regularly and the maintenance can be pretty annoying. You’ll have to clean weeds and rake it as well.


These surfaces are also preferred these days because they’re easy to lay and this can be done quite fast.

On the other hand, people don’t really consider the fact that the surfaces are prone to cracking and crumbling and they will last about 15 years.

The result cannot be too modern and attractive considering that you don’t have many options to choose from. Usually, you have to go for natural colors.

Paving stones

These are laid on a bed of sand, and they can provide an excellent look for your driveway.

The downside is that there can be problems wit5h drainage from paving stones because these are not naturally porous.

Resin driveways

Resin driveways are your best bet due to their vast palette of useful features.

Resin is a great choice for replacement driveways and you can pick the color and the mixture that you prefer the most.

This surface is extremely durable, needs low maintenance, and it comes with UV filters, antislip features and it’s also environmentally friendly and porous.

This is the best choice in order to make sure that your driveway will look and act its best for more than 25 years.