Can you put a resin over concrete?

There usually comes a time, in every home owner’s life, when the urge to replace the traditional concrete drive with something better, like a resin driveway, finally kicks in. But, can it be done?

Okay, layering a resin driveway on concrete is a possibility and it might look like a fun DIY project to the untrained eye. However, it’s also hard work, and there are many things that could possibly go wrong. So you might want to stick to professional services.

There are two main options. The first one is getting rid of the concrete driveway entirely and replacing it with a resin-based one. The second one is layering a resin driveway over concrete. Of course, the first option requires more time and money, while the second one is relatively cheaper and seems to be the most sensible option.

But, there are some things to consider before layering your concrete with resin-based materials.

Check the condition of the concrete

Check for wide cracks and any other damages on the pavement. If it’s nothing serious, a resin-based filler could be used to fix it. But if the fractures are thick and long, you will need professional help.

Keep in mind that these repairs take quite a bit of time, as the concrete needs a few weeks to cure before layering it with resin. Not only that, but it will also require a more substantial investment.


Is the current driveway draining as it should? If not, you need to let the professionals know this before it’s too late, as the resin happens to be porous and stagnant water makes it crack and crumble.

A quick solution to this problem would be to drill holes in the concrete. While this trick works in most cases, those holes create weak points which might end up becoming potholes in the future. So if you have any heavy vehicles coming to this space, you are better off ripping off the old concrete.

SUDS requirements

The increasing demand for public sewer systems, not to mention the flooding risks, means that any new driveway installation should meet SUDS requirements. This regulation has been a hot debate for many local authorities across the country. The good news is, resin driveways meet this requirement fully, without the need to incur any extra costs.