Best Materials For School Paving In 2020 – Resin Surfaces

Summer holidays are here, and a lot of schools, nurseries, universities, colleges have a lot of plans to revamp their surroundings and to upgrade buildings.

We know for sure that a lot of them also plan to replace school paving, and this can be done in two ways: experts can replace old paving, or they can simply install new surfaces on top of the old ones.

Most popular options for school paving in 2020

Here are the most popular options chosen these days for school paving.

Artificial grass

This option offers a realistic appearance, and it’s free of mud. The base is soft, and the cushioned surface will definitely provide protection against falls. One of the most interesting things is that artificial grass comes in more colors, not only green!

Block paving

This option involves molded concrete blocks, natural stone or clay bricks and it also comes in a vast palette of shapes. There is also a permeable option available as well.

Concrete and asphalt

These are definitely the most commonly used surfaces, but despite the fact that they are functional, they can get pretty boring in 2020.

Anyway, the best thing about these is that they also come in various colors and there’s also a porous alternative available.

Rubber mulch

This is used especially for muddy playgrounds, and it offers a natural look. It protects kids from injuries, and it will also prevent excessive mud from getting indoors.

Wet pour

This surface requires a hard base such as concrete/asphalt, and it’s non-porous. It is available in a vast range of designs and colors.

Resin surfaces

Resin surfaces for schools, just like resin driveways, involve mixes of stone and resin that are laid onto a stable surface. A resin-bound system allows the combination of different sizes and colors of stone, and there are also various finishes available as well.

The final result brings a durable, permeable, low maintenance, and smooth surface.

The resin flexibility makes this surface ideal for printing school logos onto the surface as well. You can find out more details about resin for schools in some previous articles.

Main Reasons Highlighting Why Resin Is The Best Paving For Schools

There are a lot of paving solutions to choose from these days, and among the popular options that experts will find on the market, there are the following: asphalt, concrete, artificial grass, block paving, resin, wet pour, rubber mulch and more.

Despite the vast palette of choices, it seems that more and more experts are choosing resin for schools.

So, if you believed that this material is only perfect for resin driveways, resin playgrounds, and more, well, it seems that schools can also benefit from it.

The main reasons for which more authorities go for resin surfaces in schools

Here are the most important reasons for which experts consider resin for paving in school areas.

First of all, the resin is a material that’s environmentally friendly, smooth, accessible, easy to maintain, a UV stable option, and hardwearing as well.

More than that, there are a lot of colors to choose from and massive creativity which allow experts to perform the following:

  • Reflecting the internal décor externally as well
  • Incorporating logos or important messages into the school paving
  • Creating areas that are encouraging students to become creative and environmentally aware

Also, resin paving allows previously unusable areas to be used again. This is about areas that cannot be used due to poor drainage.

Resin can be also laid over some previously existing surfaces such as concrete or asphalt in order to revamp some boring looking areas as well.

Resin’s versatility also allows easy inclusion of ramps into all surfaces, and you can even include existing trees into any design that has tree pits.

Resin also has the ability to complement or contrast other materials that are present around schools such as granite, concrete with an imprinted pattern, gravel, paving slabs, brick, and more.

And last but definitely not least, the resin can also camouflage drains and manhole covers, and it can replace them.