Resin Driveway Cleaning: Removing Cement/Concrete Stains, Oil Spills, Mineral Stains

We’ve already addressed that keeping optimum maintenance of a resin driveway or any other resin surface does not really require you to be a rocket scientist.

Now, we’ll address a few more tips and tricks on how to maintain your resin driveway clean in order to provide it a longer lifespan.

How to clean cement/concrete marks

It’s important to learn that cement or concrete marks can be very easily removed from a resin driveway with careful use of diluted hydrochloric acid or a proprietary cement remover, and all this should be immediately followed by thorough rinsing with clean water for the best results.

A crucial issue to remember is the fact that if a lime-based aggregate is used, the acid will most likely dissolve this as well.

How to clean oil spills from resin driveways

The resin driveways can end up having all kinds of oil and grease marks, and you should definitely take maximum care in order to avoid this – spillages or oil and greasy chemicals should definitely be avoided as much as possible.

Any pillages should be cleaned immediately because this will boost the chances for better results. After that, you will have to flush the surface with water.

Oil spillages can be washed away by rainfall, but this does not occur regularly.

On the other hand, the surface can be washed with a mixture of warm water and a mild household detergent.

This should be allowed to penetrate the stained surface for 10 minutes and then sprayed down with a jet wash.

How to remove mineral stains

As you probably know by now, resin driveways are made up of natural dried aggregates.

There may be present some naturally occurring iron pyrites. If the staining occurs, oxalic acid will be the most effective method to remove the stains.

This is readily available, and the acid solution should be washed off with cold water after use.

Resin Driveway Maintenance: Removing Algae, Moss, And Weeds From The Surface

We’ve already addressed various ways to maintain your resin driveway’s lifespan as long as possible, and now we move on with some other tips and tricks about cleaning the surface.

How to remove moss and algae from a resin driveway

An important thing that is worth mentioning is that weed growth should be treated before surfacing, and this will make it very unlikely that new growth will be sustained.

Another essential issue is learning that periodical application of algae and moss killers such as “algon” will also prevent and remove any regrowth.

It’s important to note the fact that the ingrained algae growth can also be removed, and the color of the original surface can be restored by applying a strong bleach solution.

But this should only be used according to the manufacture’s guide and local environmental contractions. After the substance is applied, the resin driveway should be rinsed with clean water.

Removing weeds from a resin driveway

First of all, we have to note the fact that due to its properties, a resin surface is designed in roder to be resistance to weeds.

On the other hand, no matter how much care will be taken, weeds could, unfortunately, appear on any surface occasionally.

This is the result of wind-blown seeds.

But, the good news is that a small number of weeds can be removed by hand without damaging the resin surface. If this is the case, it’s essential to make sure that the full root of the weed is extracted and not broken off.

If we have to deal with some more prolific weeds, they can be cut at the surface level. But if the weeds are deep-rooted, they should be killed with weed killer and herbicide.

It’s important to remember that localized areas of the surface of weed infestation can be treated with domestic weed killers that will not cause any damage to the resin driveway.

Tips For An Easy Maintenance Of A Resin Bound Driveway

A resin driveway can have a long life if you follow a few simple rules in terms of maintenance.

Here’s a brief guide on how to maintain the surface and offer a long life to your driveway or patio and more.

Preventing tire marks

You will be able to prevent tire marks by refraining from turning your steering wheel while the car is stationary.

Tire marks are caused by oils in the surface being heated by the friction of tires.

Routine cleaning of a resin driveway

It’s important to learn that various potential issues with a resin surface may be prevented by sweeping it clean on a regular basis with a stiff broom.

This will remove leaves and other materials and will also prevent moss growth.

You can remove foreign bodies by hosing down with a standard jet wash – this will definitely remove potentially damaging elements as well.

How to jet wash a resin surface

The resin surface has to be cleaned periodically using a pressure washer or a sweeper.

In order to jet wash your resin driveway, you just have to follow these simple steps.

Spray the surface with a flat nozzle in order to improve the precision of spraying the flat surface.

You should use a jet wash/pressure with a pressure up to 150bar. It’s also important to note that excessive pressure could really damage your surface.

Another important issue is that water should be cool, but not too cold. The moderate temperature will prevent damaging the resin.

You should hold the nozzle at about 20cm from the surface when spraying.

If you spray too closely, this could damage the surface. Also, it’s best to spray using a back and forth sweeping motion for the best results.

These are just a few things that can boost the life of your resin surface.

How To Use A Resin Bound Surface Properly

Resin surfaces have been growing in popularity during the past years, and this year was no exception.

Starting with resin driveways, patios, resin pool surroundings, and finishing with resin surfaces for parks and playgrounds and more – these durable surfaces have become more and more preferred by individuals.

But does everybody know how to correctly use a resin bound surface in order to make sure that it has the longest possible life?

This is the subject that we’re addressing now.

Resin-bound systems are hard-wearing, low maintenance surface solutions that offer various benefits, including massive strength, ease of maintenance, and design flexibility.

But it’s important to acknowledge the fact that low maintenance does not mean NO maintenance at all.

How to best use a resin-bound surface

Such surfaces are meant to be used for normal pedestrian and vehicular traffic. They are definitely not designed to withstand abnormal uses and loads and this is vital to note.

This means that the surface should be protected against abnormal damage such as heavy goods vehicles.

The resin driveway should not have a problem with parked cars on the other hand. Other regular uses for a driveway are also permitted.

Abnormal usages that should be avoided

Here are the abnormal usages that should be avoided on a resin driveway.

Heavy skips with edges should never be placed directly on a resin driveway. It’s important to learn that for the lighter ones, load-bearing planks could be used.

Another important issue to mention is that you should avoid anything that applies a sharp point of pressure on the surface – these include heavy motorcycles’ stands.

You should also remember to never drag heavy objects across the resin driveway.

More than that, spillage of solvents should also be avoided because these can soften and damage the resin binder.

If you follow these instructions, your resin driveway and other flooring that uses resin will have a really long life.

Choosing Resin For Your Patio Is Ideal This Fall

Fall is here, but this doesn’t mean that the warm evenings are gone.

We can still hang out in the patio during the day, or even in the evening to relax and look at the starry sky, drinking a glass of wine.

We’ve already addressed the benefits of choosing resin for all kinds of locations around the property: resin surfacing around the pool, a resin driveway, resin surfacing in the garden, in the patio, and more.

Just in case you did not know that this was possible, choosing resin for the patio furniture is another amazing option that you have these days and the benefits are multiple in this case as well.

Resin benefits for your patio

First of all, it’s important to mention the fact that resin can maintain its original color even after more years have passed. This is great for resin furniture in the patio, which is exposed to the sun’s light for longer periods of time.

This will prevent the need to constantly change the furniture.

More than that, as we said on various occasions, resin patio furniture is more durable compared to other options that you have out there. Intensive use and minimum maintenance are other elements that are worth considering.

Resin is also capable of withstanding the elements of weather – sun, wind, rain.

Anyway, it’s recommended that during extreme temperatures, resin furniture gets stored indoors for better protection. In order to clean resin furniture, all you will need is soap and water, and you’re good to go.

The fact that resin is really easy to clean is another benefit that’s worth considering these days. Also, the resin is lightweight, and this makes it extremely user friendly – it can be moved from one place to another really easy.

These are just a few of the benefits that you’ll be able to enjoy if you choose resin for your patio.

Main Benefits Of Resin Paving For Hotels

Resin paving is beneficial for commercial locations as well, not only for residential ones.

Resin surfacing is ideal for all kinds of hotels, whether they are traditional or modern, and can very easily blend in with the existing landscaping features.

It’s available in a wide variety of colors and finishes, and this will allow the definition of certain areas and creation of focal points.

Main benefits of resin paving for hotels

Neighboring areas will also be able to be highlighted with the help of resin paving as well, not to mention the fact that there are various branding opportunities available.

Firms will be able to incorporate the logo and company colors in the paving.

Paths and public areas have high footfall, and a resin driveway will make the ideal solution – both attractive and hardwearing.

Access will be also enhanced for all visitors including for the ones with wheelchairs, bicycles, and pushchairs.

Resin paving can also incorporate ramps as well. This means that vulnerable guests such as kids or elder people can feel assured that they stay safe with this kind of surface.

Resin surfaces are long-lasting, low maintenance, and UV-stable. The resin surfaces are guaranteed for at least 15 years if they are maintained properly. These are the ideal option for hotel and leisure organizations as well.

With resin paving, you’ll also be able to enjoy the quick installation and this will allow pedestrians to walk on the area just 6-8 hours after the process has been completed.

Also, it’s important to note that if the hotel has an outdoor terrace or a car park, for these, resin surfaces are the ideal choice. You can check out our previous articles in order to learn the benefits.

One other important benefit of resin paving is that the surface can camouflage manhole covers and unattractive drains.

Resin Is The Ideal Solution For Access Roads

Resin driveways have become a popular choice these days due to more advantaged that we’ve already covered.

Summer is here, and with not so much to do these days due to social distancing, taking care of driveways or access roads could not come at a better moment.

Access roads offer entry to farms, driveways, shopping areas, and more, and there are various benefits to the commercial use of resin in these cases as well.

Main benefits of commercial resin for access roads

Here are the most important advantages that people will be able to enjoy thanks to a resin access road.

Great looks

There is a vast palette of colors and textures that can be chosen for access roads.

This is great for when the design of an access road is supposed to separate pedestrian areas or parking zones, for instance.

The option will make sure that the access road is safe for pedestrians and drivers as well.

Also, resin access roads will be even and smooth, unlike the concrete or tarmac ones.

This option will also be friendly with cyclists or people who are using wheelchairs or buggies. There are various colors to choose from, and the result will definitely be worth it.


Resin access roads will also be extremely durable, and loose chippings will not be a problem anymore.

Tarmac and concrete are usually worn out badly over time, and the area will need to be resurfaced – this will not be the case with resin surfaces.

Durability and safety are key advantages of resin surfaces.

Maintenance and low costs

The resin access road will be low-maintenance, just like a resin driveway or any other resin surface, and this is great for cost considerations.

For instance, concrete and tarmac roads will wear out quicker, and they will be resurfaced over time.

Reasons For Which More Authorities Choose Resin For School Paving

It’s been revealed that more and more authorities are going with resin as the material chosen for some areas in school paving.

There are various materials that are great for replacing old paving around the school areas, but resin really seems to be gaining popularity.

Just like resin driveways, resin paving around the schools is filled with advantages, and we’ll address them below.

Best advantages coming with resin paving

First of all, it’s important to note the fact that the permeable school paving allows areas that have been previously unusable due to poor drainage to eventually become a functional part of the school area.

Also, the resin is an environmentally friendly, smooth, hardwearing, and UV stable option to choose these days, not to mention the fact that it’s really easy to maintain compared to other options that are available on the market these days.

There’s a vast range of colors to choose from, which allows incorporating logos and messages into the paving, reflecting internal decors externally and raising awareness about becoming environmentally careful.

It’s also important to note that resin can be laid over existing surfaces and this way, you will be able to revamp tired looking areas.

More than that, the versatility offered by resin allows for easy inclusion of ramps into surfaces.

You can also include existing trees into designs thanks to tree pits, and this will boost the appearance of the location a lot.

You will also be able to camouflage drains and manhole covers by replacing them with inset covers that are filled with resin-bound paving.

Closing words 

These are just a few benefits that you will be able to see from choosing resin paving for schools.

Find out more about the best materials for school paving and the main reasons for which resin is the best choice.

Resin Pathways Are A Seamless And Eye-Candy Option For Modern Gardens

Summer is here, and we can finally start redecorating the gardens, back yards, pathways, driveways, the pool surroundings, and everything that needs a revamping in 2020.

We’ve already addressed the benefits of resin pool surroundings, resin driveways, and more resin-based surfaces, but resin footpaths are also a thing this year.

There are various types of resin footpaths that can blend perfectly in the scenery that you have around the garden or the back yard.

They create a great eye-candy option, but these surfaces also come with a bunch of amazing practical solutions for walking, bikes, wheelchairs, and pushchairs as well.

Best benefits that resin footpaths have

  • If you find a good supplier, you will be able to enjoy the superior quality of the materials and the fact that the resin footpaths are hand finished is also a plus.
  • The range of color options is pretty vast for resin footpaths, and you will be able to create traditional or modern finishes, which include various models and patterns to blend with your property.
  • Resin footpaths are easily laid on top of current surfaces or they can be installed on their own.
  • Water will not be able to accumulate, and this way, you’ll be able to avoid the annoying puddles around the garden or yard.
  • Usually, the installation process in case of resin surfacing is a really quick and efficient one, and it can be even finished in a single day.
  • Your garden will be free of weeds, and it will look tidier.
  • Again, it’s also worth mentioning the ease of maintenance – resin footpaths can be cleaned quickly with a simple stiff brush.
  • The surfaces are also non slip, and this means that the level of safety on them is the highest.
  • Also, resin footpaths are hard-wearing and really durable.

Resin footpaths are the best solution for the areas around the house, just like a resin driveway, so check out the available options on the market and pick the best choice that blends with your needs and preferences.

Essential Factors That Affect Pricing For Resin Driveways In 2020

Resin driveways are a great solution for your home’s surroundings and more these days. These will offer a durable, permeable, smooth, and also easily maintained surface that will help drain water in the most efficient manner.

Such properties also have ana amazingly aesthetic appeal, and they make resin-bound surfacing one of the most popular solutions for a lot of areas these days.

It’s a challenging task to quote a precise cost per square meter generally speaking because the pricing depends on various factors.

Here are the main elements that will influence the final price for such a project: size, current surface, choosing between UV stable or Non UV stable resin, the need to install edging, the layout of the installation area, and more.

Main factors that affect pricing

Size of the area

Usually, you can learn that the square meter rate can reduce as the area increased and vice versa. So, don’t be surprised if you will hear this from the specialists you’re working with.

Size and depth of the aggregate

There are various sizes of aggregates available on the market, and they range from 1-2 mm to a 10mm. It’s also important to mention the fact that driveways are installed with 1-5mm variation in aggregate size. The depth is of 15 mm.

Current driveway surface

This is another essential factor that should be discussed. This is probably the most important element that affects costs.

The amount of preparation, the repainting of the surface, cleaning, the leveling that’s needed to the sub-base – these are all important factors that will be taken into consideration.

UV stable vs. non UV stable resin

Another important issue to note that is the non UV stable resin is about half of the price of the UV stable resin. But, you will also have to remember that if you use a non UV stable resin, you will see it getting yellow over time.

The need of edging installation

Edge restraints offer a neat and high-quality finish, and these are also important elements worth considering.

Also, the layout will need to be inspected in order to make sure that the installation of the resin driveway is of the highest quality.