How much does a resin driveway cost?

Resin driveways are known for their durable, permeable, easily maintained and smooth surface which facilitates water drainage with ease. These properties, plus its aesthetic appeal, makes resin the most popular choice for driveways today.

But how much will resin driveways cost you?

It is challenging to quote the exact cost per square metre of resin driveways, since each project has unique specifications and considerations. Generally estimating, the cost per project may be around the £40 per square metre mark, depending on various factors. Whether a project requires non-UV stable or UV stable resin also matters as they have different costs.

Other cost determinants of a resin driveway project include:

The type of your current driveway surface

Your existing driveway surface is one of the most critical factors that will influence the overall cost. Your current driveway may be made of tarmac, block paving, grass or concrete; all these require different levels of preparation. Therefore, the amount of preparation, sub-base levelling, cleaning and surface repairs required has to be taken into consideration. For a stoned or grass area, the area itself will require excavation, followed by the installation of a compacted stone base and porous asphalt. Most of the time, these tasks are more expensive than the resin itself, but they are mandatory.

Size of the area

In resin installation, some costs remain fixed regardless of project size. For example, the cost of fuel for transportation to and from the site. Therefore, cost per square metre is likely to increase as the size reduces and vice versa.

The required depth and aggregates size

The various aggregates in the market differ in size ranging from 1-2mm up to 10mm. Each size is has a specific rate and price point. Depth also determines the quantity needed. The most common rule when it comes to installation is that depth should be at least three times the size of the largest aggregate. Basically, a 2-5mm aggregate will be fitted at 6-15mm, while the 10mm aggregate is fitted at 30mm.

Existing overlay

Unlike grass or stoned surfaces, concrete and tarmac make it possible for the resin mixture to be laid without excavation. However, the base has to be in good condition before the overlay. “Good condition”, in this case, is defined by the absence of significant cracks, potholes or weeds.

The approximate cost for laying a UV stable resin overlay at 15mm is £60 for an area of 0 – 40 mm2, £50 for an area of 40-100 mm2 and £45 for 100+ mm2.

If edging is needed

Maintaining a high-quality and neat finish will require an edge which will also act as a restraint. Edging can be done using various materials which have different cost estimates. These may be paving slabs, bricks, walls or timber.

Installation area layout

Some driveways may have irregular or awkward layouts making it hard for a smooth and even finish. The layout of such an area will require extra efforts for a high-quality finish, which may make the project slightly more expensive.

The cost of installing resin driveways is always worth it. Your driveway is given an appealing, friendly, easy to maintain new surface. Always seek the advice of a reputable company to help estimate resin installation costs.