Resin Driveways Before & After

Our surveyors usually take driveway images both before and after resin installation. It is breathtaking to see the level of change that can be achieved with resin driveways.

Value added to the property

The aesthetic value added to your home after fitting a resin driveway increases the overall value of your property. The surrounding features and colours are also amplified as various areas complement each other. The free and wasted space in front of your home can also be converted into an adequate and valuable parking area.

Resin Driveway Before and After

Colour options

Resin also comes in a variety of colour options that matches various properties in the UK. These colours can be designed with patterns or boarders to create something that suits your needs or any type of brickwork. The client determines the design, but we can always mix something to create a custom colour of your choice.


Old tarmac driveways always become faded and cracked, especially if you are a 4×4 vehicle owner. The patches after repairs are also unpleasant to look at as they become badly faded. Resin driveways are almost maintenance free. Cracking becomes history as your driveway can resist the weight of heavy vehicles. There is also UV protection resin which maintains the colour of your driveway.



Most people love using resin as a paving finish bordering their garden area. Here you can always let your imagination run wild as you design the garden you have always dreamed of.

Designing pathways

Some homeowners share a pathway. Resin surfacing always makes these areas look astounding. With the reduced risk of slipping as water is drained into the ground, resin surfacing is a safer option than traditional tarmac or concrete paths.


Designing tree pits

Tree pits sometimes look untidy. Opting for a resin surface material for a tree pit is a compromise worth making. By carefully designing your tree pit, water is allowed to sip into the ground to nourish the tree. Tidiness is also maintained as the possibility of rubbish accumulation is eliminated. Resin is also friendly to the environment.

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