Resintop was chosen as the resin provider for the Marriott Hotel Disney Land Resort in Paris

Resintop was chosen as the resin provider for the Marriott Hotel Disney Land Resort in Paris

Resin driveways specialist Resintop has announced it has been chosen and is the resin-bound surfacing and installation provider for the leading global hotel chain the Marriott Hotel Group and intends to quote for further work for the corporation’s other hotels throughout Europe

Resintop recently began the contract by completing work on the Marriott hotel resort near Disney Land in Paris, extensively replacing all the walkways, pathways and terrace areas with its high-quality resin products.

A company spokesman for Resintop said: “We specialize in high-quality residential and commercial projects. So, naturally, we are delighted to be working alongside such a prestigious organization as the Marriott Hotel Group. Resin-bound surfacing is invariably an eye-pleasing, attention-grabbing option compared with loose tarmac, gravel, concrete or brick.

“Clearly, for somewhere like a hotel, the area outside the gardens that look from outside the rooms is crucial when it comes to first impressions. The other benefit for clients like the Marriott is that, as well as looking great, resin surfacing requires almost no maintenance. They offer outstanding performance and durability for years on end.

“The work we have recently completed in Paris as the first project under this exclusive new arrangement provides customers and staff with the highest-quality resin surfacing in the outdoor areas immediately surrounding the hotel. We also provide a seamless anti-slip finish, which is vital around a building like a hotel, where there is such heavy footfall.”

Now Resintop covers the whole of the UK and Europe and hopes for further projects for more hotels including the Marriott and other organizations across the continent.

As with all Resintop’s clients, Resintop is able to offer the Marriott and other organizations an extensive range of textures and colors for its resin surface areas, so as to complement any other existing surfaces nearby.

Equally, the resin surfacing and walkways at the Marriott hotel in Paris has an extensive workmanship guarantee, as do all of Resintop’s products.

At the same time, products are subjected to stringent testing to ensure that the resin is flexible enough to work with. The company carries out a number of strength assessments and it also tests that its resin surfacing is conducive to being an anti-slip product.

Such testing is partly why it is able to offer an assurance of meeting the ISO:9001 quality assurance standard.

Resin-bound solutions offer surfaces made up of multiple configurations which are permeable, accessible and long-lasting. The smooth finish of the end product means there are no loose stones – again, this reduces the risk of a customer or staff member tripping or falling.

Additionally, resin surfacing brings’ the further benefit of reducing the risk of flooding and being highly environmentally-friendly since they are made from sustainable materials.

The company spokesman added: “We’re synonymous with high standards and are known for our ability to offer clients outstanding value for their budgets. We believe our projects offer creativity, an appealing look, and practicality. Our type of paving is also suitable for traditional-looking projects, as well as those with a more modern look.”

Marriott joins other big household names among Resintop’s client base, including well-known organizations like the Samaritans. The company also fits resin surfacing and similar products in schools, shopping centers, industrial areas and leisure facilities such as golf clubs, while also providing surfacing for projects including car parks and access roads, alongside landscaping schemes and outdoor terraces.

For its part, US multinational Marriott is the world’s biggest hotel chain, operating more than 6,500 hotels in over 125 nations and territories worldwide. In 2017, the company was listed on the Fortune ‘Hundred best companies to work for’ index, the 12th time it has appeared.

John Willard Marriott founded the corporation in 1927, after opening a root beer stand in Washington with his wife Alice.

The first Marriott hotel was opened in Arlington, Virginia, just over 60 years ago in 1957.

For the 2017 fiscal year, Marriott International Hotel Group reported outstanding profits for its offering includes luxury, premium and long-stay hotels around the world.