Resin Surfaces For Ramps And Playgrounds: Main Benefits

Resin driveways are really useful, and they can also become an eye candy as well if you go for bolder choices in textures in colors.

Such bold choices would also be ideal for all kinds of ramps and playgrounds, which looks much better when they’re colorful and full of life.

Yes, the resin can be an ideal choice not only for a resin driveway but also for ramps and playgrounds.

We’re referring at playground ramps created for parkour, bikes, and skateboarding and also at any other raised areas.

Resin is one of the most versatile surface solutions out there, and besides providing a flat surface for paths and driveways, it can also definitely be used in order to create ramps and various playground flooring elements.

Main benefits of resin used for ramps

The resin surface is smooth, but at the same time, also hard-wearing.

This makes it ideal for pushing wheelchairs and pushchairs, and it will definitely improve accessibility in needed locations.

If you have an injured person in your family or you are dealing with someone who is disabled in some way, the anti-slip properties of the resin surface would make it ideal for ramps.

The high durability of resin makes it also perfect for play areas as we already said above.

Parkour, bike, and skateboard enthusiasts would definitely enjoy resin surfaces which are durable, non-slippery and can look amazing as well.

Kids can play on such surfaces without parents needing to worry about falls and slips.

The vast variety of colors and aggregates that can be used will create a space that’s amazing for such play locations and the possibilities are literally neverending.

You will never have to deal with puddles on resin surfaces, no matter the weather.

The water will easily slide away through the surface leaving it dry and free of dangers, no matter where the ramp is placed: as a stair replacement or a playground.