Resin Surfaces For Leisure Areas – Main Benefits

In the summertime, people are spending a lot of time in all kinds of leisure areas, and these days, being able to take a walk in the park or having the chance to take your kids at the playground had a different meaning.

The whole world has been under attack, and despite the fact that the enemy is an invisible one, it’s still there.

Areas from around the world have been under lockdown, and some are even going back to that state in order to be able to control the virus.

That’s why the opportunity to hang out outside is more precious than ever these days.

Resin surfacing for leisure areas

Resin surfacing is great for leisure areas for various reasons. These areas include playgrounds, entertainment venues, outdoor swimming pools, and many more.

The most important reason for which resin is great for these areas is the fact that it’s hardwearing and this is an important requirement when you are dealing with heavy footfall, for instance.

This paving approach offers maximum accessibility because it’s even and smooth, it allows wheelchairs, pushchairs, and bicycles.

Just like resin driveways, visitors will never find loose stones on these surfaces.

Resin paving has another benefit, and it’s in terms of durability – it has about 15 years guarantee if it’s properly maintained and guess what – maintenance could not be easier!

All you’ll need to do is a regular brush and the occasional power wash. There are no weed or moss to deal with when you have a resin surface, and there will not be any cracks that you’ll have to seal.

Also, an important thing to mention is that resin surfacing will not fade in the sunlight because it’s UV stable and permeable – this means that it allows water to soak through, and the leisure area will have no puddles.

The surface doesn’t have heat build-up, and this means that kids can run safely barefoot on it, for instance, because the temperature is comfortable.

Another important benefit of resin for leisure areas is the fact that the surface can have various colors and textures, offering you the opportunity to boost your creativity with the surfacing.