Resin Surfaces Are Suitable For Both Cold And Warm Climates

It’s true that resin bound surfaces are a modern choice and an eye candy and this is because they can stand out a lot more compared to other surfaces.

These come in a lot of textures and colors and they can definitely enhance the appearance of any home, thanks to such a vast palette of textures and color combinations.

A resin driveway, for instance, will perfectly blend in with the surrounding scenery but on the other hand, if you want to, it can also be contrasting and pop up, providing a shocking visual contrast with the rest of the surroundings.

We also covered the issue of functionality explaining why resin driveways and other surfaces are easy to maintain and more durable than other surfaces that are currently on the market.

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There are some things worth considering when it comes to weather conditions as well.

Considerations about weather conditions

It’s important to know that resin should be laid only in temperatures of 0 degrees Celsius and more.

This cannot be laid during rain or snowfall and it’s good to know that resin has a controlled curing time.

Other than this, the resin can be laid anywhere regardless of the location in the world.

Here’s what you need to know about locations with hot weather.

Resin bound surfaces will cure quicker in hot weather. After the paving is cured, the temperatures will not affect the final product’s durability and use.

Also, it’s important to note that the resin is UV stable.

Now, here are the main issues to know about colder weather.

In cold weather, resin paving needs to be laid under dry conditions as we said above.

After the surface is cured, rainfall will be able to get through the material and this means that you will not be seeing any puddles and standing water on the surface.

Frost will not cause any damage to the surface. In icy conditions, you will be able to use salt without damaging the surface.

Snow shovels are recommended for use, but snow plows are not.

Overall, with the proper installation and maintenance, resin surfaces can be used in any climate.