Resin For Your Stairs: Why Resin Is A Viable Choice For Outdoor And Indoor Stairs

If you were wondering whether resin surfaces can be used for stairs as well, the answer is yes.

It’s recommended that you choose resin stairs and steps especially due to the resin’s important anti-slip feature.

Resin surfaces can be used in both indoor and outdoor stairs, and this will turn out to be a better choice compared to other conventional floor coating choices.

Resin is the ideal choice for a place such as the stairs especially for the ones in locations in which they tend to get wet and slippery, and the reason is more than obvious.

Reasons to choose resin for your indoor/outdoor stairs

A resin driveway or patio is great, but resin stairs are also extremely safe.

It’s essential to learn that the low maintenance and durable polyurethane resin will provide a high friction texture to the stairs by bonding the aggregate to the surface.

This can be translated by the fact that you will be able to obtain a gravel look but without the genuine hassle of gravel falling out of place.

If you have stairs in places which can get slippery such as a bathroom, pool, outside pathway, and any other similar location, the resin will become your BFF.

The surfaces get slippery when they’re wet and no one wants to be on a slippery wet surface.

This is where the resin comes in the picture once again, proving that it’s the ideal choice for both outdoor and indoor stairs.

The high porosity will make any excess water drain away, minimizing the risk of you or your loved ones slipping and falling.

Just like any other resin surface, resin stairs will not only look amazing, but they will also be really easy to maintain and you’ll get the chance of enjoying them for a really extended period of time.

Not to mention the vast palette of color and textures that you can choose from.