Resin Driveway Price-Related Myths: Is It Really That Expensive?

It’s true that resin driveways are relatively new on the market and maybe this is the main reason why lots of myths surround the subject.

Such a popular myth has to do with costs. A lot of people who might be interested in getting a resin bound surface for their driveway might not even consider the plan, believing that the price ould be much more than they could ever afford.

You’d be quite surprised to find out that things don’t stand quite like this.

Resin obviously requires an initial outlay, but this innate resilience means that if this surface is able to pass the test of time, it will definitely turn out to be a cost-effective long-term choice for your driveway.

Main factors to determine the cost of a resin driveway

Size of surface

It’s obvious that the more surface you need to cover, the costlier the project will turn out.

More extensive areas also require more time to lay the resin products and aggregates, and this is also a significant cost factor.

Type of surface

The type of surface you will be working with is also an essential factor. If your driveway currently has a concrete or tarmac finish, this will translate as the most cost-effective option. Why? Because the new resin bound driveway will simply have to be installed on top of the existing surface.

But if your driveway is made from gravel/pebbles, this means that you will need an entire replacement which would translate in a more expensive project.

The original ground has to be removed to make way for a brand new resin driveway.

The type of aggregates to be mixed with the resin

This is another critical factor in the price of such a project. There’s a vast palette of stone aggregates options, and the selection of colors and finishes is pretty diverse.

There are various types of pebbles and gravel aggregates that are mixed with the bonded resin to produce an outstanding result. The price will vary according to the option you prefer.

Closing words 

As you can see the pricing of a resin driveway project can vary according to more factors, but usually together with specialists, you will be able to find the most affordable solution for an ideal result.

The best thing about all this is that the end result is long-lasting, and this means that the investment you just made will be a long-term one.