Resin Bonded Vs. Resin Bound Surfaces – Main Differences

Resin surfaces have been growing in popularity these days and more individuals are choosing this ideal solution for various locations at home or public spaces.

Starting with resin driveways, parks, shopping centers, gardens, playground locations, and more – resin can indeed be a viable solution due to the various benefits that it has.

A lot of people are wondering what’s the difference between resin bonded and resin bound.

All in all, the resin bonded system is a system where resin is spread across the surface and then loose stone is scattered on top.

On the other hand, resin bound systems involve mixing resin and stone together first and then trowelled down into place.

Another important issue worth noting is the fact that the resin that’s used for these systems are not the same.

People will need to purchase bound resin for resin bound and bonded resin for resin bonded.

When people are not really sure about what they are buying, the recommendation is contacting the supplier in order to clear up all potential confusion and make sure that they have bought the correct materials.

Resin bonded vs. resin bound systems 

If you are wondering which system is better, there is no final answer to this specific question. The main issue that has to be considered is for what surface the resin is intended.

Resin bonded systems look and feel like gravel but without migrating stone. This is usually preferred for traditional and historic-looking properties where the modern look of resin bound systems would not fit.

When the surface is finished, the feel is textured and with high levels of grip. This is ideal for disable access ramps and it has high durability for areas with light vehicle traffic.

The downside is that this system is not permeable.

Resin bound systems, on the other hand, are permeable and this is really important. The level of durability is also very high. More than that, the system is very low maintenance.

The surface will not be as textures as the resin bonded but it will have enough grip for ramps, disable access areas, and sloped driveways as well.