Resin Step Stairs

Resin Step StairsAbout resin steps and stairs

Resin offers a creative, slip-free finish to steps and stairs, especially when compared to conventional floor coating. It’s great for indoor and outdoor steps and is especially suited to places which may get wet from shower, bath or rainwater or in a commercial setting.

Why use a resin bonded finish?

The low maintenance durable polyurethane resin gives a high friction texture by bonding aggregate to a surface. This means a loose gravel look without the hassle of the gravel moving out of place and clogging up surrounding areas.

The floor’s wet! Get a grip!

Resin steps and stairs are ideal for locations such as bathrooms, hallways or outside pathways which may become slippery when wet. The traction the product provides also makes it the surface of choice whenever disabled access is a consideration or other slip hazards need to be avoided. Because it is porous any excess water drains away and it is perfect for use anywhere that puddles are likely to gather.

Step up to a fresh new look

Customers choose resin-bound applications to bring new life to old stairs. Steps can even be personalised with patterns, motifs and contrasting borders. It is also possible to customise the resin surface with logos, words and numbers to create decorative effects on the stairs and is ideal for branding.

Caring for resin steps and stairs is easy

Whether steps are situated in residential or commercial locations, quick and easy maintenance is key to the popularity of a resin finish. Leaves, dust and other litter can be quickly brushed away. Pressure-washing safely removes clinging debris such as moss without damaging the surface. What could be simpler?

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