Resin Ramp / Ramps

One of the beauties of Resintop’s solution is that it is versatile. Not only does it provide a flat surface for paths and driveways, but it can also be used to create ramps and other raised areas.

The smooth but hard-wearing surface of this material makes it easy to push wheelchairs or pushchairs over it, and by creating a ramp to the front door you can improve accessibility easily. You need not struggle to get a pram or wheelchair through the door of your own home.

Resintop is tough and durable enough to be used for play areas, too. Here, ramps can be created to be used for play whether that is parkour, skateboarding, or riding bikes. Encourage children to play outside, safely, by building in a lasting feature.

With its variety of colour finishes, it’s possible to create a style that either blends in with your home or offers a contrasting look. This also opens up a range of possibilities when it comes to design for play.

Because it is self-draining, it’s guaranteed that no matter the weather you won’t have to deal with puddles. The water just slides away through the SUDS-compliant surface leaving you with a dry path to your home.

The only limit to the uses of this versatile product is your imagination. Whether it’s work or play, Resintop can make life look and feel better. If you have an idea for a project, please get in touch today to discuss how we can make it happen.