Resin Patios

The garden is often one of the primary social settings of a house. From birthday parties to weekend barbecues, your garden must be suitable for all sorts of occasions and stay in outstanding condition throughout.

A patio, in particular, must be easy to clean, low maintenance, as well as stylish and durable. A Resintop patio will help you shape your garden the way you want. Choose from an incredible range of shapes and sizes of patios to begin the transformation of your outside space. There really is no end to the possibilities available to you with Resintop.

Resintop provides customers with a vast range of colours that will complement any other surface when laid next to it. Our resin patio will help your garden stand out from the crowd.

But why resin?

It is environmentally friendly, allowing water to drain through to the sub-base and away. It is also highly durable and extremely UV stable and there is a guarantee of no colour fading or cracking. Each of our resin patios come with a promise of extreme durability, lasting for at least 25 years. Are you tired of loose stones from gravel or tarmac? A resin patio is smooth, and there is very little risk of loose stones breaking off and spreading across your garden.

For the perfect patio, you need look no further that Resintop. Call us on 07740 032202 now to discuss the next addition to your garden, or go to to request a quote.