Resin Indoor Flooring

More and more people are discovering Resin’s unbeatable combination of good looks and functionality for indoor flooring. Resintop offers a great choice of colours and finishes to enhance any home, and there are many reasons to choose Resin for comfort and convenience.

A Resin floor to suit your home

The smooth even finish of Resin looks stunning in modern settings, but it works just as well in older homes – there’s a colour and finish to complement any architectural or decorative style. Resin’s waterproof and durable nature makes it a useful alternative to traditional flooring, which can be high maintenance, especially in older properties. Resintop flooring can be installed over existing floors, as long as there are no issues with moisture or movement.

Where to use Resin flooring indoors

Resin doesn’t have to stay in the kitchen or bathroom. Its seamless finish provides calm continuity in open-plan layouts, and its light reflecting qualities can also help smaller areas feel more spacious. The way it absorbs heat from the environment make it feel cool in hot weather, and warm when it’s cold.

Making cleaning and maintenance simple

A Resin floor can’t scuff, chip or peel, and it stays looking good for many years. The smooth surface means it couldn’t be easier to keep on top of cleaning and hygiene with just a broom, a cloth and cleaning solution. If safety’s a priority, you can choose an optional non-slip finish.

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