Resin for Swimming Pool Surrounds

Resin for Swimming PoolDo you always worry about your little ones slipping while they play around the pool? Or do you feel uncomfortable walking barefoot around it for the same reasons? Resintop understands such discomfort and provides suitable paving material for both indoor and outdoor pools.

What Resintop offers

We offer durable, environmental and foot-friendly surfaces which require less maintenance. Whether it is a new pool or an existing one, resin is the best alternative to other materials on the market like gravel, concrete, and tiles. Our commitment is to install the highest quality permeable resin, whether it’s an overlay/refurbish or a brand new project, and you can be sure of timely service delivery at a favourable cost.

Why should you try a resin-bound surround for your pool?

Rapid drainage: the small pebbles are bound together in a way that ensures water drains through instantly. This high degree of porosity also benefits nearby vegetation, thus promoting growth and lessening damage.

Anti-skid: resin provides for a comfortable surface underfoot, but the smooth surface is also non-slip.

Aesthetic appeal: this material is available in a wide range of colours and textures. Therefore, the option chosen will ensure a finish that complements or contrasts the adjacent surfaces. Additionally, it can be trowelled into unique patterns or shapes.

Low maintenance: the resin is durable and resistant to UV light, so it will not lose its colour over time; this will retain the initial appearance for many years. Maintaining resin is simple – pressure-wash it often to clear any debris. Also, it does not support weed growth, which is usually a primary cause of cracks.

How we work

Resintop cover the whole of the UK, and our customer care team is waiting for your call. After we’ve completed a site survey, you’ll receive a free quotation. Contact us today ( for a flawless result.