Resin for Pathways

If you believe residential pathways are purely functional, think again. Resintop pathways combine the practicality of resin bound aggregates with the aesthetic of beautiful natural stone to create high performance pathways for your property. Not only will you add convenience and value, you’ll create a show-stopping finish for your property that reflects your personality.

Whatever the style of your home and garden, there’s a Resintop pathway to suit. Designed to coordinate with other materials including brick, concrete pavers and decking, your Resintop pathways will enhance your property. Whether you love colour and pattern or prefer to keep things understated and timeless, your pathways can now combine functionality and style with Resintop durability and sustainability.

What is a resin bound pathway?

Resin bound pathways are a blend of aggregates and resin that create a hard-wearing surface that’s second to none. The extensive palette of colours and textures allow you to create any effect you please from classic gravels that blend with your property to flint and quartz that create stunning and dramatic visual contrasts.

Is a Resintop pathway the right choice for my property?

With years of experience in laying resin bound pathways, we’ll work with you to create a premium quality finish that suits your lifestyle. We handle the installation from start to finish to ensure that the work is done to the highest standards for a result that can last upwards of 25 years with only minimal maintenance.

What are the benefits of Resintop pathways?

• Low maintenance: your resin bound pathways will stay beautiful for years to come with a regular sweep and the occasional pressure wash.
• Eco-friendly: your path is fully permeable and SUDS compatible. That means you don’t need planning permission and your pathway will be free draining with not a puddle in sight.
• Weather resistant: your Resintop driveway is guaranteed UV resistant and won’t fade in even the strongest sunlight. It won’t melt in a heatwave, freeze in winter or flood at any time of year, meaning that your pathways are always usable, whatever the weather.
• Durability: even in the busiest family garden, your Resintop resin bound pathways stay looking good. Tough and hardwearing yet flawlessly attractive, your pathways won’t crack, flake or chip.
• Accessibility: if you need full accessibility around your property, a resin bound pathway is ideal. The smooth yet slip free surface offers stability and there are no loose stones to interfere with buggy or wheelchair wheels.

Can I get creative with my Resintop pathways?

Thanks to the wide range of available materials and the unique way your resin bound pathway is installed, you can give your creativity free rein. Check out our gallery for more examples of how your new pathway can enhance your property.

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