Resin for Garden

At Resintop, we work to create paving and pathways that add beauty and value to your home. Whether you love the sophisticated look of pathways that seamlessly blend with your property or want to create a visual contrast that is bold and striking, Resintop ensures to deliver a stunning finish. And because it’s permeable, you won’t need planning permission to use Resintop to create stunning patios and pathways throughout your property.

Available in a wide range of colours and textures our resin bound paving is the ideal choice for the garden. Imagine clean white flint paths edging your lawn or a traditional golden pea shingle to offset your beds and borders. Enhance your traditional or contemporary garden with hard landscaping that looks effortless and unique while perfectly complimenting the life you lead.

Gardeners across the country are choosing beautiful Resintop products for their hard landscaping. Here’s why:

Exclusive appeal for your garden

Lift your garden out of the ordinary with hard working and beautiful resin bound landscaping. By binding aggregates with resin we create a first-class finish that offsets your garden with an exclusive and flawless decorative appeal.

Easy to install and maintain

At Resintop we have years of expertise in laying resin bound paths, patios and driveways. We take care of the entire process for a premium professional finish. All you need to do is sweep and power wash your paths to keep them looking beautiful for years to come.

Total weather resistance

Your Resintop pathways won’t fade in sunlight, soften in summer or freeze in winter and stay puddle free all year round. Fully permeable, your paving resists the thermic island effect staying comfortable even in a heatwave. And because Resintop products are free draining they won’t flood even in a downpour.

A garden for everyone

The smooth surface creates a showstopping finish that is also highly slip resistant. Ideal for everything from baby buggies to mobility scooters, Resintop pathways make your garden truly accessible for all.

UV Resistant guarantee

All our resin bound products are exceptionally hard wearing for superb performance even in a busy family garden. The combination of premium aggregates and resins with our outstanding craftsmanship creates hard landscaping you can be proud of, confident in the knowledge that it’s installed to the highest quality standards.

Why not join homeowners nationwide who are choosing premium Resintop pathways for their gardens? Call us on 0800 0699 646 or contact us for your free non-obligation quote and find out how Resintop can enhance your home.