Reasons Why Resin Is The Best SUDs Solution

You might have heard that it’s essential to have a SUDs compliant driveway, but you don’t know exactly what this involves.

We’ll shed some light on the subject. SUDs – sustainable urban drainage systems – are used in various developments in order to provide the most effective drainage solution and also limit localized floods. Such systems basically enhance the water management conditions.

This is a legal requirement for all the new developments, and that’s the main reason for which driveway materials such as resin that have been created with drainage in mind are completely SUDs compliant.

What can poor drainage trigger?

Non-porous materials such as tarmac and concrete have poor drainage, and this can severely affect the infrastructure of the road leading to a compromised standard of safety.

Diffuse pollution is a real issue, and excess surface water enables chemicals to get washed into sewers and then infiltrate water supplies.

It’s vital to choose materials which are environmentally friendly, and resin driveways are built with this important consideration in mind.

Why is resin the ideal SUDs solution?

Resin is 100% porous, and this means that it enables surface water to drain through and it prevents water from puddling and pooling. This will take care of your driveway but also the environment as well.

Resin is an entirely SUDs compliant material, and it provides a drainage solution that has been unrivaled so far.

It does this by channeling the water in the most effective way and at the same time reducing all risks of flooding.

Resin driveways will turn out robust and durable surfaces, and they are basically maintenance free.

The main benefits that you can enjoy if you decide to go for a resin driveway are the following:

  • There’s no need for planning permission
  • They boast fail-proof flood control
  • Reduces construction costs and almost zero maintenance
  • Friendly with the environment

A new driveway is an investment for the long run, and that’s why it deserves your full understanding and consideration.