Potential Surface-Related Issues After Laying Your Resin Driveway

Installing a resin driveway was your dream for a really long time, and you cannot imagine that there’s something that can go wrong once you’ve picked the best collaborators and the best team for the job.

As we’ve already explained, weather and temperature can be your first enemies, but with a little knowledge and previous preparation ahead of the installation process, you will not have anything to worry about, no matter the weather.

Now, let’s move on to some common surface-related potential issues that might pop up.

Surface detachment and shading

Surface detachment involves the surface detaching itself from the sub-base. This can happen due to frost or moisture if the surface was not sealed correctly or if the base was not appropriate.

Even if this can be repaired but cutting out a patch and replacing it, it’s always best to take into account the original surface.

More than that, the surface shading can take place is mixes are prepared inconsistently and it’s extremely important to know that each mix has to be processed for the exact amount of time.

This can also be caused by inconsistent pressure and toweling. An experienced team will not face these issues, but it’s best if you have an idea about how things should be going as well.

What if someone walks on the surface too early after it’s been laid?

This can definitely happen and if someone, human or animal, walks on the surface under two hours since it was laid the damaged area can be fixed by re-toweling, but just in the case in which the area is accessible without causing even more damage.

But if the surface has fully cured and the traces are there, you should chisel out the affected area. You should mix a tiny amount of stone and resin hardener and lay the nex mix into the exposed area.

Anyway, if such a thing happens, it’s best to contact the team who did the work, and they’ll tell you exactly what needs to be done.

Anyway, in order to avoid this, make sure to mark the area after the resin driveway is laid, just to make sure no one walks on it.