Main Differences Between Resin Driveways And Concrete

If you think about all the areas around your home or business location, the place which is torn and worn the most is obviously your driveway. Just think about it – vehicles and people are going over the same patch of ground more times a day and this obviously means that, over time, the driveway will become damaged.

This is also a feature that makes the first impression to all of your visitors that come on your property, so it’s impetuous that the driveway is always presentable, pleasing from an aesthetic point of view and also as durable as possible. There are more elements that can make a huge difference and offer your driveway a warm and welcoming appearance.

If it’s time to change your driveway, you might stumble upon another issue: what kind of driveway should you go for? Usually, the battle is between a resin driveway and a concrete one. Here are a few tips and features that you should be looking at when choosing the best option for your driveway.

Strength and durability

Concrete is really popular for its abiloity to bear heavy loads and that’s why it’s been a preferred choice for many years. Resin bonded surfaces on the other hand not only have to offer similar load-bearing features but they also have the benefit of have a much more attractive finish which can provide a feeling of warmth and coziness.

Setting duration

Reson bonded stone surfaces are made by applying a resin layer over an already established surface. After that, gravel or stone comes on top and these will be held onto the surface by the resin properties which are somehow similar to glue. There’s an important benefit in this technique compared to layering concrete. Resin bonded surfaces can be used in just a few hours since they were settled, comnpared to concerte which needs a few days to reach full strength and start being used.

The aesthetic point of view

Concrete has the advantage of being a really functional material, but unfortunately, it’s not that good looking. Resin bonded surfaces can be more aesthetically pleasing because they allow you to pick your favorite colors, patterns, and designs that will provide your resin driveway a more personalized appearance.

Friction and anti-slip properties

As hard as concrete is, sometimes it can get slippery during the winter and the main benefit of resin bonded surfaces is that they possess greater friction and useful anti-slippery features.

It’s up to you and your personal needs what you choose for your driveway, based on these few but notable features we mentioned above, but resin driveways are definitly a better and advanced choice these days.