Main Benefits Of Resin Bound Surfacing

More and more people turn away from the concrete and paving stones. They choose instead to treat their driveways in order to obtain a more natural look with the help of resin bound surfacing.

Such a surfacing option uses the strength of an existing tarmac or concrete driveway, and it overlays it with a mixture of resin and natural aggregates which are washed and dried.

The final result is a gorgeous look which is both eye-pleasing and resistant as well. Below, you can see the list of resin bound surfacing benefits.

Simple application

Resin bound surfacing has incredibly quick laying and setting times. Traffic is allowed on the surface after about 6 hours following the installation of this clean and hassle-free option.

Ideal for various purposes

The surface has a non-slip and easy-access nature, and it can be used for various applications which include both residential and commercial purposes.

Low maintenance

After the installation, such surface requires little maintenance. Sweeping and a quick pressure wash from time to time will suffice.

Smooth finish

The resin mixture holds the stones together tightly, and this will lead to a smooth finish look that will not scatter under your feet. This way, you will be able to enjoy a gravelly as=esthetic but without any downsides that come with it such as displacement and cracking.

High durability

Resin bound surfacing is hard-wearing due to the fact that’s laid over an existing durable surface. This way, you will be allowed to enjoy the benefits of enhanced durability and strength of the surface which also looks impressive.

High porosity/permeability

The high porosity of resin bound surfacing allows easy absorption and discourages ponding, therefore preventing floods. The paving can be laid in order to comply with SUDs regulations for sustainable drainage.

Increased decorative appeal

Resin bound surfacing is ideal if you want to enhance the appearance of your home/ commercial space and the areas around it. The stones used are natural, and they come in various shapes, colors and sizes.

UV stable resin

Another significant advantage of resin bound surfacing is that it’s UV stable which means that it will not get damaged in the sunlight. This will prevent it from becoming discolored, and it will maintain its fabulous look and enhanced durability for an extended period of time.

These are only a few of the advantages of having resin bound surfacing and that make this the ideal option for your home or commercial space.