Laying The Resin Driveway: Surface Clouding, Loose Stone, And Other Frequent Potential Issues

More problems that could pop up during the process of laying the resin driveway have been previously discussed.

We’ve also covered some of the most frequently met issues that people have to deal with after the process is finished.

Now, we’ll address the rarer problems, but it’s essential to have an idea about them as well.

Iron spotting

Some aggregates contain a naturally occurring element if iron and in the case that this gets released from the mix, it’s able to cause dark stains.

There are two different types of stains that can pop up, and they need different ways of resolving.

These issues will definitely be addressed by the specialists that took care of the whole process, but again, it’s worth having an idea on what to expect.

One way to avoid such an issue is not to use the aggregate or to make sure that a higher than normal resin content will be used during the process.

It’s been found that in surfaces where a high resin content was present, issues of this nature cannot occur.

Surface clouding

This is another problem that might cause you troubles, and it’s caused when moisture is dropping on the surface of the resin driveway before this is cures. Humidity can also cause problems.

The moisture can include rain, spilled drinks, white spirit, and more. We’ve also covered the rain subject and in the case of high humidity, there’s not much you can do but avoid laying the resin driveway when the humidity is above 80%.

Such stains are practically impossible to remove, and that’s why it’s best to avoid them.

Loose stone

Last but not least, this is another problem, and poorly mixed aggregates can cause it.

When insufficient resin has coated the stone, this will not adhere to the mix, and it will eventually become loose.

All the mixes have to be mixed in the very same manner for the same amount of time, but usually experts now these kinds of things.

With all this being said, you should be able to enjoy your resin driveway.