Is Resin Surfacing Appropriate For Properties With Slopes?

If your property is built on a slope, then you probably know that there are a few issues that you have to deal with such constructions.

For instance, if you are thinking about building a driveway or replacing the surfacing on your existing one, then you might be considering a resin driveway, but is it appropriate for slopes?

We’re happy to let you know that resin also works on slopes as well, and more than that, it’s probably the best solution that you have available on the market today.

Here are the main reasons for you should definitely choose resin for driveways on slope areas.

Natural drainage

As we highlighted with every possible occasion, drainage is a really important factor to consider in driveways.

Resin surfaces are porous and fully SUDs complaint, and surface water runoff is reduced.

This means that you will not have to worry about your slope being similar to a waterfall in case of massive rainfall.

Surface designed for hard wearing

After the sub-base of a resin driveway is laid, the substrate base course is added to the top of the surface.

In other words, this will help the driveway to be more resistant and harder wearing. Your resin driveway will manage to resist the task of being located on a slope.

Anti-slip features

Probably the usefulness of anti-slip features that come with a resin surface is the most obvious in the case of slopes.

Slopes, where the surface material is prone to becoming slippery, are really dangerous but you can avoid danger with resin and its anti-slip features.

No loose stones

Driveway owners can be challenged by loose stones, but with resin surfaces, you will not have to deal with such an issue.

On slopes, the last thing that you need is loose stones, and by using resin, the stones that you choose for your driveway will be stuck in place.

Low maintenance

Low maintenance of a driveway is always a massive benefit, and you’ll feel this especially on slopes because you’ll avoid going up and down the driveway to repair, clean the weeds and more.

Resin driveways will be resistant to weeds, resistant to cracks and safe no matter if it’s on a flat surface or a slope area.