Is Resin Paving Recommended For The Pool Area?

We’ve already addressed the benefits and advantages that you will be able to enjoy if you decide to go for a resin driveway.

But the pool area involves more specific issues that should be discussed as well. What type of paving is the best?

If you’re about to choose the materials for your pool surrounds, then you probably have in mind the most common and popular options that have been lingering on the market for many years now, such as stone pavers, tiles, wood decking, concrete and more.

Safety first 

But you have to bear in mind one really important thing.

While these are indeed viable options, they don’t really drain water in the most effective way.

And the area surrounding your pool will definitely be moist and wet all the time with people going in and out of the water and splashing it all around.

A wet slippery surface can lead to major accidents, and we’re confident that you want to avoid this.

So, we guess it’s not too far-fetched o say that safety should top your design considerations list.

This is probably the main reason for which you should go for permeable surfaces, and the best choice is resin in this case as well.

Main benefits of having resin paving in the pool area

Resin-bound aggregates are small pebbles bound together with UV protection. Such surfaces allow water to drain through in an instant without the risk of puddles.

This means the highest level of safety around the pool area and zero risks of accidents.

Besides the fact that the surface will also be smooth to walk on, it’s also boasting anti-slip features in order to increase the safety factor even more.

You will have a vast palette of colors and textures to choose from, and this makes your resin surface not only safe for the pool area but also a great looking addition that spices things up in your yard.

As you can see, resin is not only ideal for your driveway, but also for the pool surroundings as well.