Important Tips And Tricks For Your Resin Pathway – How To Avoid Resin Softening

A lot of companies are claiming that your resin driveways, pathways, and other resin surfaces are maintenance-free.

But this is not the case – even if resin surfaces don’t need too complicated/complex care, they still require minimum maintenance.

It’s important to highlight the fact that resin pathways and other surfaces are easy to maintain and they only require a gentle clean a few times a year.

Check out some really handy tips and tricks.

Aftercare and maintenance of resin-bound surfaces

It’s important to note that any vegetation that is sitting on top of the new resin surface that you have on your property will definitely need to be cleared away.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the design of resin surfaces allows water to pass through in order to comply with the new building regulations. If this step is skipped, the vegetation will block water flowing, and, more than that, in time it will also taint and ruin the surface’s appearance.

One other point worth noting is that regular cleaning will be keeping your new resin surface standing out from the rest.

It’s important to take care of the resin surface, and high care is required regarding the kind of substances that will be used for the cleaning process.

We recommend periodic hosing in order to wash away any debris that could be present of the surfaces.

More than that, with the helo of a broom, you will be able to sweep anything that might be sitting on the surface.

In case you notice weed and moss growing on the surface, there will be no issue with these if they are treated correctly.

Pull them out and for anything that turns out to be more stubborn, we advise you to only use pathways cleaners that are designed for this purpose.

Weed killers which are based on oil should never be used because these could damage and soften the resin.

Also, make sure to avoid oil and fuel spillages – or, in case these do happen, quickly wash them off with cold water in order to prevent resin softening.