How long does it take for a resin drive to set?

Resin driveways are becoming increasingly popular for both residential and commercial properties. When you factor in the tremendous features a resin driveway offers, it is easy to see why. Not only do they look amazing, but they last for a long time and give a reduced risk of flooding.

If you are thinking about having one installed yourself, you may be wondering exactly how long it will take to set once laid.

Resin driveways offer quick results

One big question that people always have with new driveways is how long do they take to set. Choosing a resin driveway is a superb choice here as it will usually be ready for pedestrian use in around 8 hours. When it comes to vehicles, this period is a bit longer as you would expect.

The usual guidelines advise a 48 hour setting period before using smaller vehicles on it. Larger vehicles or commercial ones should wait 72 hours before trying to use it.

Pay attention to the weather when installing

Although the above gives standard guidelines over when your new driveway should be set, the weather can affect this. If it rains during installation or up to 4 hours after the resin drive is laid then this could be a problem. Not only could it take longer to cure but the water could damage the newly laid surface. This could mean it has to be re-laid and take longer to be ready to use.

On the other hand, if it is hot then the resin mixture will set faster when applied. This is due to the sun drying it out quicker and the ground temperature being higher. While it will still need to be left to cure for a good period of time, hot weather could well see it set quicker.

Does the resin used make a difference?

When it comes to this type of driveway installed, there are two main types of resin used. One is a cheaper alternative called Aromatic resin which is not recommended as it can crack or discolour over time. The other main type, that is regarded as much better, is Aliphatic resin. This not only gives a much better performance and UV resistance but is also generally faster to cure. The nature of Aliphatic resin used in the best driveways ensures it is ready to use quicker than other kinds of resin.

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