Crushed Stone Driveways Vs. Resin Driveways

Crushed stone driveways are still popular these days, and probably the main thing that supports this popularity is the unique and attractive look that can be obtained.

But on the other hand, if you’re looking for more than just a pretty driveway, if you’re searching for a more sophisticated solution regarding both functionality and form as well, then you should better start looking someplace else.

While we have already discussed the advantages of resin driveways, let’s also take a look at the pros and cons of having a crushed stone driveway.

Advantages of crushed stone driveways

Crushed stone driveways are a mix of clay, sand, silt and more larger aggregates and this is the reason for which it can take diversity to the very next level.

The variety of colors and shapes is really vast, and you have tons of options to choose from.

The second advantage is that the solution if completely permeable and rainwater will be able to penetrate straight into the earth.

This will definitely enhance the overall capacity of drainage for your driveway.

Disadvantages of crushed stone driveways 

The aesthetic consideration can involve a downside as well. As nice as it looks, crushed stones will lead to a bumpy surface which is prone to displacements. This can definitely compromise the visual appeal of your driveway.

Regarding practicality, such a driveway will not be able to live up to its more modern driveway competitors which include resin driveways.

It’s true that crushed stone driveways are 100% permeable, but the gaps between each crushed stone will enable the growth of weeds. You won’t see this happening with resin surfaces.

Innfecicinecy during winter and snowy conditions is another downside. Stone displacement is one more con, compared to a resin surface which won’t make you deal with such issues.

The presence of dust is one more downside. Just think about it: when you’re driving over gravel, this can lead to massive dust production and especially for someone with a breathing issue this can turn out a really significant problem.

So, make sure to consider all these things before you get yourself a brand new driveway.