Common Problems That Might Pop Up During/After The Process Of Laying Your Resin Driveway

We began addressing some of the most frequent issues that you might bump into when the resin driveway of your dreams is being laid.

The advantages of a resin driveway have already been covered and these include the fact that such a surface is durable, attractive, and it also requires very little maintenance.

But there are also a few issues that can appear during the installation process and just immediately after it.

Usually, the team of experts that you chose to work with should be dealing with all of this, but it’s essential that you have a clue about such problems and their solutions as well, just in case.

Sudden rain or too hot temperatures can mess with the whole process, but we offered a few solutions.

Also, right after the installation process, you can deal with shading or surface detachment, or you can even be faced with some unwanted footsteps on the surface if someone happens to walk all over it before it’s safe. We addressed all these issues so far.

Now, let’s continue with other potential issues that might pop up during the resin driveway installation process.

Reflective cracking

This can happen when the surface develops cracks over time due to the moving of the base.

If the base moves and you installed over it, then you will have to make some repairs. That’s why there has to be paid maximum attention to the base before installing the resin surface.

Inconsistent mixes

All the mixes used on site have to have the very same consistency because variations between the mixes can lead to a patchy finished look and you definitely not want that.

Tree roots in the area

This is another essential issue that needs to be addressed before the installation process.

If there are tree roots under the base, well these will always disrupt the surface, so a solution has to be found in this case as well.