Commercial Resin – Shopping Centre

Resin for ShopsResin bound surfacing is the perfect solution for shops

Shopping centres experience heavy foot traffic and that means hard-working, durable resin bound flooring is a must. At the same time, consumers are attracted to shopping environments that are bright, modern and clean. Resin surfaces provide the perfect all-round solution!

Installed in an instant

Well, as good as! Unlike other floorings which can take days to lay, resin flooring usually sets in under 24 hours. That keeps disruption to a minimum and footfall at the max.

Safe customers are happy customers

Because resin bound flooring offers an exceptionally high grip it provides a safe surface to walk on. Its bonded gravel finish makes it the ideal non-slip level floor for staff and customers, including the disabled and the elderly. It is permeable to allow rainwater or water spillage to drain away quickly, and it will not freeze over and become slippery in winter.

Clean, bright and modern

This type of surfacing can be provided in a range of colours useful for marking out pathways to different shopping areas or creating different buying moods using contrasting shades. Letters and logos can be placed into the floor, increasing brand awareness. Gravel is securely fixed into the resin, so it will not shift and clog up drains or gather in corners. The flooring is a dream to clean with brush or water.

Resintop understand that shopping centres need flexible, resilient flooring that looks good too. Get in touch today for a no-obligation chat with one of our helpful advisors and make sure that your shop floor keeps on carrying customers back to you.