Commercial Resin – Public Parks

Choosing the right type of surface for a public park can be incredibly tricky. It has to look attractive and be in keeping with the natural environment. It also has to be safe and practical for use all year round. Fortunately, resin bound surfaces tick all of these boxes and so much more. It really is a versatile, durable and attractive flooring solution for public parks.

Range of colours and aggregates

There are many colours that you can choose from that will provide an attractive and welcoming public space. Combined with the colour choice, here are different aggregates that can be used, from natural stone through to quartz. This choice of colour allows you to create different zones and patterns that are aesthetically pleasing.

Pushchair and wheelchair friendly

One huge benefit of using resin flooring in public parks is that there are no loose stones, as the stone is sealed within the surface, creating a smooth surface. This makes the surface safe and accessible for all. Wheelchair users and those pushing prams will be able to move with ease.

Provides a firm grip

Although this surface is smooth, it is incredibly firm and provides a stable grip. It’s non-slip, which makes it perfect for those who want to run along the paths in the park, or for those who simply want to have a stroll in the cold winter months. Resin bound surfaces do not ice over or become tacky in the heat.

No standing water

The public park needs to be accessible all year round, even in the depths of winter. This can pose a serious problem when designing paths and flooring for outdoor eating areas or play areas, especially with our wet weather. The good news is that resin bound surfaces are porous, meaning any rainwater will filter through, resulting in no standing water.

Perfect for plants and shrubs

The public park is obviously home to plants, shrubs and flower beds. You need any paths that run through the park to be edged with flowers or shrubs, so the material that is used needs to be plant friendly. Any water that filters through will go back into the ground, helping to water the plants.

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