Commercial Resin – Outdoor Terraces

Resin bound terraces are the all-round solution

Outdoor terraces need to be practical, easy to clean, hard-wearing, weatherproof and cost-efficient. They also need to blend in with their surroundings, whether that’s other buildings, general landscape or scenery. That’s a tall order! Don’t worry, Resintop has the answer. We combine premium natural aggregate with superior resin to create the high-quality, durable, permeable surfacing your terrace needs. Install our resin bound flooring and you also opt for a surface that is also UV stable, easy to maintain and accessible.


Easy to maintain

A terrace can provide an outdoor living area, a sports platform, a leisure space, a seating area, or adapt to any other number of uses. Smooth and flat, resin bound surfaces offer level access which is easy to manage and keep clean. UV stable in the summer, and fully permeable in the winter, water simply drains away leaving the terrace free from slip hazards or ice. That means you are safeguarding you users from the worst impact of tumbles and falls.

Looks great

A well-laid terrace can add impact to the overall look of your outdoor space and provide a valuable extension to existing facilities. Resin bound surfacing comes in a range of shades which can be blended to match or contrast with surroundings. Colours can also be used for highlighting specific areas, such as the edges of the terrace, or for incorporating words or logos to increase user awareness of your organisation or business.

Easy to install at low cost

The cost of installing a terrace can vary enormously. Resin bound surfacing requires fewer tools and materials than more traditional materials and can usually be laid with minimum disruption in less than 24 hours. It doesn’t need planning permission and can easily be provided in any size or shape. That means that it is less labour intensive to install, and the cost is lower. If flexibility, time and money matter to you, choose resin.

Hard working and long lasting

Resin bound terraces offer an attractive and functional outdoor space that can be used year-round. They are durable and environmentally friendly. The won’t fade or split. Because there are no loose stones and the surface is smooth they are perfect for events, temporary seating, pushchairs and wheelchairs. At the same time, they offer exceptionally high grip.

Resintop know that resin bound terraces make all the difference to outdoor spaces. Get in touch today.for a no-obligation chat with one of our helpful advisors and make the outdoors work for you.