Commercial Resin – Landscaping

Commercial resin is the perfect solution for your landscaping needs. It’s practical, attractive and highly versatile.

Strong and durable

Resin bound surfaces are strong, durable and can withstand heavy loads. This makes it ideal for heavy traffic areas such as outdoor flooring in the garden centre, or outdoor communal dining areas and paths.

Sets quickly

This type of surface sets incredibly quickly. It is quick and easy to install and once laid, it usually sets in less than 24 hours. This ensures the least amount of disruption to your commercial business.

Attractive surfacing

Resin bound surfaces are very attractive for your commercial landscaping needs. You can choose from a range of colours, type of stone and even the finish. Resin bound material can provide your business with an eye-catching landscaping surface.

Non-slip and safe

Your choice of commercial surfacing is important, not only in terms of how it looks, but also in terms of safety. Resin bound surfacing is non-slip, so this gives you peace of mind in knowing that it is high grip and will not freeze over, providing a safe surface for customers.

No risk of puddles

You don’t want your commercial landscaping surface to accumulate water. Not only is this a slip hazard, but it attracts dirt and debris. Resin bound surfaces are highly porous, meaning that any surface water will filter through the layers, leaving no standing water. This is why it is also perfect for incorporating shrubs and plants.

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