Commercial Resin for Access Roads

Resin Access RoadAn access road will normally provide entry to farms, surgeries, driveways and shopping areas. But what are the benefits of using resin?


One great advantage is that we offer a vast array of different colours. This is perfect for when the design of the access road is intended to delineate pedestrian areas or a parking area, ensuring that the access road is safe for both drivers and pedestrians alike. The access road will have a very smooth surface to it; it’s not uneven, such as in the case of a tarmac or concrete road. A smooth surface is perfect for wheelchair users, cyclists and people using buggies. With a plethora of colours on offer, the end result is an aesthetically pleasing finish.


Our resin is tough and durable. Among other things, this creates the huge advantage of not having to worry about loose chippings. By comparison, tarmac and concrete start to wear out badly over time and needs to be resurfaced. Loose chippings also present a safety hazard to drivers and pedestrians. Safety and durability are key here.


Maintenance of an access road is a major factor in terms of cost considerations. Concrete and tarmac roads wear out and have to be resurfaced over time. On the other hand, with the resin, all that is needed is a simple hose and brush. It is that simple and easy.