Commercial Resin – Car Parks

An obvious choice for the surface area of a car park would be tarmac or concrete. But what about resin? Using resin for a car park surface has enormous advantages, as highlighted below.

There’s more options available

Unlike the dulcet colour of tarmac or concrete, we are able to offer a substantial amount of resin colours. By contrast, this is not something that could be offered with a tarmac or concrete car park unless you were to use vast quantities of expensive paint. An example of this point is where a business has a signature colour and they might want it used for their car park’s surface.

Resin is resilient and environmentally friendly

By far, resin is much more resilient than tarmac or concrete. Car park surfaces can and often do suffer from even the most minor scratches or in certain cases, damage from leaking fuel or oil tanks. Such damage can present health and safety issues, but resin is tough and durable, so it will withstand such issues.

We also have the advantage of using a product that is non toxic, is made from natural plant extracts and is environmentally friendly. On the other hand, tarmac and concrete are known to comprise of many toxic chemicals.

It’s permeable

Car parks are prone to flooding. However, resin is permeable, so water can naturally filter through gaps between the stones, ensuring there will be no puddles.

Resintop is the exclusive provider for resin bound surfacing to the Marriott Hotel Group. Use a name and brand you can trust for your car park today.