Commercial Resin – Leisure Areas

Resin for Leisure AreaResin-bound surfacing is perfect for leisure areas because it is hardwearing – an important requirement when you have heavy footfall. Whether you require a surface for an entertainment venue, a playground, an outdoor swimming pool or a hotel, we can point you in the right direction.

There is total accessibility with this paving approach as it is smooth and even, allowing pushchairs, wheelchairs and bicycles an easy way in and out. Visitors will not find loose stones an issue.

In terms of durability, our paving has a 15-year guarantee if properly maintained. The good news is that maintenance is simple and easy – only a regular brush and the occasional power wash is required. There are no weeds or moss to contend with, and no cracks to seal. Even drains and manhole covers can be camouflaged with this solution.

Resin-bound surfacing does not fade in sunlight as it is UV stable, and it is permeable, allowing water to soak through resulting in no puddles – another plus for leisure areas.
There is no heat build-up either so for example, if children enter a play area barefoot from the grass, the surface will be a comfortable temperature.

The wide variety of colours and textures provide the opportunity for creativity with your surfacing. Different colours can designate specific areas, and patterns can be created.

Delivering our projects on time is important to us, and we also pride ourselves on keeping to budget. We maintain high standards and customer service is at the heart of what we do.

Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements on 0800 0699646, or visit our website to request a quote if you have a clear brief. Either way, we’re happy to talk through the options for you.