Can Resin Be A Better Alternative To Block Paving?

Block paving is usually preferred by price-conscious property owners because this solution is not that harsh on the wallet, compared to other materials used for the driveway.

Block paving can also come in a vast range of colors and designs which is another plus that makes people go for this option.

Another benefit is that it’s easily replaceable when damaged especially since you can remove individual blocks.

And yet, resin driveways seem to gain more and more popularity these days and become a better option compared to block paving, especially since SUDs compliance becomes a mandatory issue.

Block paving vs. resin driveways

Unfortunately, despite the few advantages that block paving brings, there are a few maintenance issues that cannot be overseen.

For instance, block paving is prone to sinking and persistent rainfalls can lead to subsidence.

Other than this, you will have to face weed and moss growth because these can pop up between the blocks.

You’ll have to struggle a bit to get rid of them especially because they are not t-contributing at all to the nice image that you’d want around your surroundings.

Block paving can also make you struggle with inadequate drainage unless you use permeable blocks.

You could also install drainage systems but these would definitely put some more pressure on your wallet and the whole price-related advantage goes away.

A resin surface, on the other hand, comes with all the advantages that block paving lacks and more.

Resin driveways are the ultimate solution because the resin surface provides additional anti-slip properties, a completely porous surface, an extended life, weed-resistant features and more.

Resin driveways are also full SUDs compliant, and this means that you will not have to plan the permission to install the resin surface.

Also, the materials used in this type of driveway bring a high degree of flexibility, enabling your driveway to adapt perfectly to climatic changes without ever cracking.

The required maintenance is a minimum one, and the pricing is affordable considering that this is a long term investment. Resin driveways can last more than 25 years if maintained properly.