Best Options For Playground Flooring – A New Generation Of Safety Features

There are various playground flowing options available on the market these days, and people should take into consideration more factors when choosing the ideal one.

With so many options out there, choosing the best one can become quite a challenge these days. Here are the main options that you have for playground flooring in 2020.

Artificial grass

This is typically made from synthetic fibers, and it looks like natural grass. While this option is aesthetically pleasing, and it requires very low maintenance, some disadvantages come with artificial grass.

For instance, it’s damaging the environment because, depending on the production method, harmful toxins could be released into the environment.

It’s also expensive compared to other available options, and it’s not impact-absorbing – this means that it can cause burns or injuries when someone falls on the surface.

Wet pour rubber surfacing

These are the most popular flooring type used in playgrounds, and its advantages include impact absorption, the fact that it’s slip-resistant, and there is a vast palette of colors and designs available.

On the other hand, this option is also pricey, and it requires more maintenance.

Rubber mulch

This is another popular option that comes with some advantages, including easy installation, cost efficiency, a natural appearance.

The downsides are the fact that you have fewer color options available, and people in wheelchairs can find it challenging to access the playground equipment. A firmer pathway is required.

Resin-bound surfacing

These are incredibly durable surfaces, and people can benefit from next-generation advantages regarding safety and more.

Just like resin driveways, resin playgrounds are aesthetically pleasing, they don’t require any drainage because the material is porous and SUDS.

More than that, people who go for this option will be able to enjoy a lower cost and quick installation. Safety features are in place as well, and the surface is nonslippery.

One thing worth mentioning is that you will need a reputable installer who can make sure that the resin playground installation process is flawless in roder to avoid any issues in the future.