The Best Surfaces For Your Pool Surrounds – What To Choose In 2020?

People who have a swimming pool in their backyard already know that this is the place to be in the summer.

It’s where everyone socializes, and it’s also another spot that will define your personality and style as well.

You might be thinking about upgrading the pool area that you already have, or you might want to install a pool altogether.

The pool area needs to be functional, of course, but it also needs to be as versatile and attractive as possible.

Here are the main elements that have to be taken into consideration when you’re choosing a pool surround or decide to upgrade the existing one: staying cool, non-slip functionality, accessibility and smoothness, permeability, UV stability, easy maintenance, and lovely for the eye.

Here are your best bets in 2020.

Concrete overlay

This surface offers a slip-resistance surface that can look like more expensive materials. It can also be applied to most sound concrete surfaces and it comes in various designs, in order to suit everyone’s taste.

Paving slabs

It’s worth noting that concrete and natural stone slabs are rough on the barefoot and they can also be damaged when exposed to chlorinated water in freezing temperatures.

Marble, on the other hand, looks great, but it’s hard to maintain and gets slippery.

Wood composite plastic

One benefit is easy maintenance and non-slip features. Such surfaces will not require waterproofing or sealing.

Artificial grass

This provides a realistic appearance and it’s mud-free. It can also tolerate water and salt/chlorine on it.

The base can be soft in order to offer protection from falls, and another amazing benefit is that it comes in lots of colors as well.

Resin-bound paving

This is another choice that you have these days which meets all the necessary high-quality requirements.

The surface is non-slippery, and it has a lifespan of at least 25 years. If you want something unique, you can include designs and various patterns.

Just like resin driveways, or resin pathways, the resin is also great for pool surroundings as well.

Its versatility and flexibility, together with non-slip features and more advantages, make this one of the best choices of 2020.

Essential Factors That Affect Pricing For Resin Driveways In 2020

Resin driveways are a great solution for your home’s surroundings and more these days. These will offer a durable, permeable, smooth, and also easily maintained surface that will help drain water in the most efficient manner.

Such properties also have ana amazingly aesthetic appeal, and they make resin-bound surfacing one of the most popular solutions for a lot of areas these days.

It’s a challenging task to quote a precise cost per square meter generally speaking because the pricing depends on various factors.

Here are the main elements that will influence the final price for such a project: size, current surface, choosing between UV stable or Non UV stable resin, the need to install edging, the layout of the installation area, and more.

Main factors that affect pricing

Size of the area

Usually, you can learn that the square meter rate can reduce as the area increased and vice versa. So, don’t be surprised if you will hear this from the specialists you’re working with.

Size and depth of the aggregate

There are various sizes of aggregates available on the market, and they range from 1-2 mm to a 10mm. It’s also important to mention the fact that driveways are installed with 1-5mm variation in aggregate size. The depth is of 15 mm.

Current driveway surface

This is another essential factor that should be discussed. This is probably the most important element that affects costs.

The amount of preparation, the repainting of the surface, cleaning, the leveling that’s needed to the sub-base – these are all important factors that will be taken into consideration.

UV stable vs. non UV stable resin

Another important issue to note that is the non UV stable resin is about half of the price of the UV stable resin. But, you will also have to remember that if you use a non UV stable resin, you will see it getting yellow over time.

The need of edging installation

Edge restraints offer a neat and high-quality finish, and these are also important elements worth considering.

Also, the layout will need to be inspected in order to make sure that the installation of the resin driveway is of the highest quality.

Best Options For Playground Flooring – A New Generation Of Safety Features

There are various playground flowing options available on the market these days, and people should take into consideration more factors when choosing the ideal one.

With so many options out there, choosing the best one can become quite a challenge these days. Here are the main options that you have for playground flooring in 2020.

Artificial grass

This is typically made from synthetic fibers, and it looks like natural grass. While this option is aesthetically pleasing, and it requires very low maintenance, some disadvantages come with artificial grass.

For instance, it’s damaging the environment because, depending on the production method, harmful toxins could be released into the environment.

It’s also expensive compared to other available options, and it’s not impact-absorbing – this means that it can cause burns or injuries when someone falls on the surface.

Wet pour rubber surfacing

These are the most popular flooring type used in playgrounds, and its advantages include impact absorption, the fact that it’s slip-resistant, and there is a vast palette of colors and designs available.

On the other hand, this option is also pricey, and it requires more maintenance.

Rubber mulch

This is another popular option that comes with some advantages, including easy installation, cost efficiency, a natural appearance.

The downsides are the fact that you have fewer color options available, and people in wheelchairs can find it challenging to access the playground equipment. A firmer pathway is required.

Resin-bound surfacing

These are incredibly durable surfaces, and people can benefit from next-generation advantages regarding safety and more.

Just like resin driveways, resin playgrounds are aesthetically pleasing, they don’t require any drainage because the material is porous and SUDS.

More than that, people who go for this option will be able to enjoy a lower cost and quick installation. Safety features are in place as well, and the surface is nonslippery.

One thing worth mentioning is that you will need a reputable installer who can make sure that the resin playground installation process is flawless in roder to avoid any issues in the future.

Resin For Pools: The Perfect Surface For Outdoor And Indoor Pools

Summer is just around the corner, and when things get back to normal, we’ll eventually be able to resume our lives and have the fun we missed for the past couple of months.

For those of you who have an indoor or outdoor pool, it’s important to note that resin surfaces are also great for the pool surroundings as well, apar from resin driveways and pathways.

We’ve already covered those subjects, but the resin for the pool area is also an ideal choice.

The permeable surface will deliver a foot-friendly, smooth, and great-looking surface for your backyard or your interior pool location.

You will need minimum maintenance, and you will get the chance to enjoy the outdoor/indoor pool for many years to come.

Resin flooring for pool areas

Resin is one exciting and practical alternative to concrete, paving slabs, and decking as well.

The surface will have the ability to reduce puddles, and also make it much safer underfoot compared to other types of materials that are used these days for pool surrounds.

Resin flooring is ideal for both outdoor and indoor pools and it;’s definitely one of the most practical alternatives to rubber, tiles or vinyl surfaces. It can be installed with either a sealed finish or a permeable one.

Resin enthusiasts will also get the chance to enjoy a vast choice of colors and textures so that the final result will complement their homes and also their lifestyles as well.

The ideal solution for hot tubs, jacuzzis, and saunas

It’s also important to mention that the resin surface is also a great choice for the surroundings of hot tubs, jacuzzis, and saunas as well, and you will be able to enjoy the very same benefits of resin surfaces.

One of the most important benefits of resin surfaces is that maintenance is really simple.

Important Tips And Tricks For Your Resin Pathway – How To Avoid Resin Softening

A lot of companies are claiming that your resin driveways, pathways, and other resin surfaces are maintenance-free.

But this is not the case – even if resin surfaces don’t need too complicated/complex care, they still require minimum maintenance.

It’s important to highlight the fact that resin pathways and other surfaces are easy to maintain and they only require a gentle clean a few times a year.

Check out some really handy tips and tricks.

Aftercare and maintenance of resin-bound surfaces

It’s important to note that any vegetation that is sitting on top of the new resin surface that you have on your property will definitely need to be cleared away.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the design of resin surfaces allows water to pass through in order to comply with the new building regulations. If this step is skipped, the vegetation will block water flowing, and, more than that, in time it will also taint and ruin the surface’s appearance.

One other point worth noting is that regular cleaning will be keeping your new resin surface standing out from the rest.

It’s important to take care of the resin surface, and high care is required regarding the kind of substances that will be used for the cleaning process.

We recommend periodic hosing in order to wash away any debris that could be present of the surfaces.

More than that, with the helo of a broom, you will be able to sweep anything that might be sitting on the surface.

In case you notice weed and moss growing on the surface, there will be no issue with these if they are treated correctly.

Pull them out and for anything that turns out to be more stubborn, we advise you to only use pathways cleaners that are designed for this purpose.

Weed killers which are based on oil should never be used because these could damage and soften the resin.

Also, make sure to avoid oil and fuel spillages – or, in case these do happen, quickly wash them off with cold water in order to prevent resin softening.