Resin Driveways And Drainage: Best Benefits Of Resin Surfaces

You have to admit that standing water on the driveway will make it really dirty and dangerous as well.

This water will freeze in the winter, and it will make the area slippery, encouraging the moss to grow as well.

The importance of drainage

Local drains cannot always cope with the water that is washing off the driveways instead of soaking into them.

Lack of drainage can also cause sewers to become polluted and environmental issues can be the result of dirt and oil from the driveway that are washed in the sewer.

Standing water on the driveway will make it dirty and also dangerous at the same time.

Water that is left sitting on the surface of the driveway will be able to make its way into cracks and the imperfections on the surface of the driveway. If this water freezes, it will expand and the cracks will become worse.

More than that, water that flows towards the home can create damp issues inside the house – mold on in the floors and interior walls.

Resin driveways – the SUDS compliant solution

You have various options to overcome the issues mentioned above: you can use permeable surfaces with porous materials, a radical redirection (water from the driveway can be predicted to places where it can naturally soak away), and purpose-built drains – building a network of drains within the construction.

Resin surfacing offers the best solution without having to create special drainage systems.

Resin driveways combine resin and aggregates, and it’s them laid onto a prepared asphalt surface, and the option is ideal for preventing standing water.

As we said before, resin driveways are long-lasting, and they are not prone to cracking, the surface is flexible, and unlike concrete, and asphalt will last longer.

You can check out our previous articles that analyze the various benefits of resin driveways and the easy maintenance that is involved with such surfaces.

Landscaping And Inspiration: Planning Your Garden Redesign Effectively With Resin Solutions

With so much time that we’re spending at home these days, one of the best occupations that we can find is planning – we can plan future trips, house revamping, and also garden redesigning.

The best layout for your garden 

Determining the best layout for your garden can be a tricky business, but overall, redesigning your garden can be an exciting project.

If you want to have a lively price where you can relax, have fun and also let your kids play, your garden can become the perfect location.

Here are a few tips and tricks to redesign your garden in such a way to obtain the best outcome.

What to consider when you start planning

Good landscaping will always begin with strong research, so make sure to gather your data by vising garden centers, public gardens and also garden shows when the lockdown comes to an end.

Until then, you can admire various garden types online. Keep in mind the size of your garden and its purposes as well. You can also check out Pinterest for a few cool ideas.

Here are the main elements that you have to consider:

  • Walls and boundaries
  • Paths and patios
  • Hedges and fencing
  • Lawns
  • Water features
  • Plating various trees, plans, and more
  • Dining, playing and shade areas

You also have to consider your plot, so make sure to carefully analyze the shape and size of your garden. Also, make sure to note the surrounding landscape and the style of your home as well.

It’s also worth noting that you will have to consider the common landscape materials:

  • Timber and decking
  • Resin for your patio and pathways
  • Concrete
  • Exterior paints
  • Bricks

It’s important to note that if you plan to install resin driveways, resin patios or resin pathways, you will not need any permission, because resin surfaces are SuDS compliant.

What plants to go for?

A great selection of flowers, shrubs, and trees will create your dream garden, so make sure to decide whatever you want for your special place. You will also have to spend some time getting to know your soil, and aspect in terms of sun, exposure, and shade as well.

You should invest in larger hedging and trees, and you can also inject a boost of color with the help of bedding plants and bulbs.

Why Choose A Resin Patio? Factors That Influence Pricing

2020 is a year of innovation, and while you’re at home these days due to the lockdown, you can start making some plans for later in the summer or fall regarding improving your property.

A lot of people are moving away from traditionally paved patios, and they’re installing resin patios for more reasons. Along with resin driveways, these come with tons of benefits.

Main reasons to install a resin patio

Resin patios can be installed on a concrete or asphalt base, and there are also various color choices to pick from. The UV resistant binder will turn out really useful when you want to make sure that your patio is able to maintain its color throughout its whole lifetime.

Here are the best benefits that you can expect to get from a resin patio:

  • It’s a hardwearing surface: a resin patio is long-lasting, hardwearing, and also low maintenance.
  • You can enjoy easy access: the smooth surface of a resin patio is perfect for ramps that are used for buggies, wheelchairs, or bikes as well.
  • UV stability: there will be no color change from the UV exposure.
  • It’s easy to maintain: the surface is strong enough to withstand pressure washing.
  • Amazing slip resistance: its antislip properties will offer you peace of mind.
  • Resistance to weeds: roots will not be able to grow on the surface.
  • High adaptability: the design work can include various personalized logos and lettering, and these can be easily incorporated into your patio.
  • High permeability: water will be able to flow freely through the surface.

Factors that influence final pricing

Here are the factors that will influence the final price pf your resin patio:

  • The size and color of the material that’s used
  • Use of UV stable or nonstable resin
  • The layout and size of the 9iinstallation area
  • The duration of the installation process

These are just some of the factors that will influence the final price of your resin patio.

Stylish Gardens: Resin Pathways To Complete Your Property

Gardens are our small corners of heavens, the best place one can relax and feel safe, while at the same time in the middle of nature.

People who have gardens probably realize during these days what a blessing such a space can be.

With most countries all over the world being under lockdown, due to the global crisis triggered by the coronavirus pandemic, having a garden when you can get out in the open and breathe fresh air while listening to the birds and watching the blue skies is definitely a plus during these difficult times.

Resin pathways

While most people take great care of their gardens, sometimes, they might overlook the footpaths. Well, here’s the great news: just like resin driveways, resin footpaths are a great option.

A pathway is often a part of the garden, which can be overlooked and neglected.

These can merge into the background if they have uneven slabs, and moss covers the stones. On the other hand, resin pathways will give you the opportunity to put an end to this.

Resin pathways are able to create a seamless option for any garden. They have the very same properties of resin driveways, and all their benefits make them an ideal, safe, and practical solution for bicycles, wheelchairs, walking, pushchairs, and more.

Main benefits of resin pathways 

Here are the main benefits that resin footpaths have:

  • A vast range of colors that can create a modern or traditional finish, according to your preferences
  •  You can create various borders, patterns, and symbols
  • The surface prevents water from accumulating, and puddles are minimized
  • Such surfaces are easily laid on top of current surfaces; they can also be installed from scratch
  • Installation is easy and quick
  • Weed growth in the garden is reduced
  • Resin pathways are easily maintained and cleaned
  • The surfaces are non-slip and hard-wearing

Replace Slippery Tiles Around Your Swimming Pool With Resin Flooring

With so much time on our hands these days due to the coronavirus pandemic, which triggered the global crisis in the middle of which we are, we can at least make some plans regarding our home surroundings.

Let’s take the pool area, for instance. Aren’t you sick of walking around the pool with terror during the summer that you or your kids might fall and break something?

Well, resin surfaces are the best solutions for the pool area as well, mainly because of their anti-slippery advantage.

These are also cost-effective, durable, and low maintenance options that you should definitely consider for when life gets back to normal.

Another amazing benefit that comes with resin flooring around the pool is the amazing finish that you can enjoy with resin.

Not to mention the fact that there are various swimming pool solutions which include waterproof, non-permeable resin coatings for both interior and exterior pools.

Main benefits of having resin surfaces around the pool area 

Let’s point out the main benefits that you will be able to enjoy if you decide to use resin for the pool surroundings.

  • You can complete the swimming pool area with a stylish palette of color blend options.
  • You will be able to enjoy superior quality resin surfaces for many years to come if you choose the right expert team to take care of everything.
  • As we already said above, resin bound swimming pool surrounds are non-slip surfaces, and this offers you and your family enormous peace of mind.
  • This option is low maintenance, and it requires just a little care to last you a really long time.
  • The porous and smooth surface of resin will not allow water to accumulate on the surface, and it will also drain away quickly and easily.
  • Resin surfaces will make sure that you will not have to deal with weed growth.
  • Resin surfaces around the pool area, just like resin driveways, are hard-wearing, and you will not see any loose chippings all over the place.
  • Expert teams will make sure that the installation process is a really quick and effective one.

You can check out more resin benefits in order to learn more about this amazing solution for your property.